Jamaica As The Worlds Largest Solar And Wind Hybrid Renewable Energy Plant

Jamaica is the home of the worlds largest solar and wind
hybrid renewable energy plant in Kingston, Jamaica. Positioned less than a quarter mile
from the coastline.
The rooftop normally get wind gusts high as 60 miles per
hour (96.5 kilometer per hour). 
The grind tied solar mills not only safely generate
energy, they also protect against surges under extreme conditions.
The WindStream technologies array was given the contract
on the rooftop of local Kingston law firm, Myers, fletcher & Gordon. 

The installation of the unit is expected to generate approximately
106,000kWh yearly. With a return on investment in four years.
it will save the
law firm about 2 million dollar JMD in energy costs over the next 25 year of
its lifetime.
The unit consists of 50 solarmills delivering 25 kW of
wind power and 55kW of solar,
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