Ity and Fancy Show Return For Season Seven August

Ity and Fancy Cat are gearing for the seventh season of their popular comedy series. 
Ity Ellis said they are currently in process to launch the seventh
season of the Ity and Fancy Cat show. He said the show should be on air
in August.  

“It’s going to be good. We were jolted by the World Cup, we

wanted to make the World Cup pass. But we got some exciting and useful material,” he said.

“It is going to be influenced by local and international stories that are interesting and have captured the attention of


Ity added that this year they want to utilise social media on the show by inviting viewers to submit their own funny videos. 

“There are so many footage in

people’s smart phones that are funny. I think that is an element that would be
attractive to people. You know how Jamaicans are, we love to see
ourselves on camera,” he said, adding that they would select a video
each week that will be aired on the show.

Also in the area of social media, he said he is currently in
talks with popular YouTube personalities so that they might have a
segment on the show. 

“Doing it for seven seasons, you want to put it on a certain level. We
want to embark on new projects to segue from the Ity and Fancy Cat

“We don’t want to do it forever. We want to do other stuff. We are now eyeing other projects to embark on.”  

With six years partnership under their belts, the show will continue to be aired on TVJ on Sundays.

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