Innerzeal Reggae-Robics

Innerzeal Reggae-Robics is a dancercise program, dancing to reggae music
to tone and shape your muscles, improve your rhythmic coordination,
strength and flexibility. It is a total body workout with dance and
exercise combined to suit all ages and genders.

Reggae-robics is a brand new soulful experience for the entire body.
Reggae-robics takes people back to the spirituality in reggae music so
that people from all walks of life can feel proud to be associated with
its respectability.
The DVD series of “Innerzeal Reggae-robics” will enable people who do
not enjoy exercise to find a fun way and feel the immediate benefits of a
fitter body and mind. I am your guide on this journey and you will
become more energized and motivated.

With ten years of leading
professional dance workshops around the world and seeing the impact it
has on the community, I am confident there is no better time to launch a
series of DVD’s where all participants can benefit. Innerzeal
reggae-robics is a high intensity DVD, divided into two – 20minute
programs designed to help burn 100’s of calories.

Experience the freedom, love and joy of this brand new dancercise program “Reggae-robics – fit for life.”

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