Jamaican Rapper Gully Cash up and close interview with talking about his career and his new MixTape Entittled TRILLINAYAAD Coming Soon…

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Where did you grow up?
I was born & raised in Cooreville Garden, Kingston 20 (Ghostown)

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What school you attended?
I went to Duhaney Park Primary unto Mona High School

What influence you to do music?
Just the creative mind i had as a child growing up and the love i have for music.

At what age did you start doing music?
I started doing music at age 10 and professionally at age 21.

What was your first single?
First single was ‘Money Cash Hoes’ Well thats the first music I heard from myself on the radio.

Who are some of the artist young/old local/international that influeance your musically style?
Notorious Big, Tupac, Jay-z, Dmx, Big L. Locally Peter Tosh, Bob Marley and Bounty Killa just to name a few.

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What is the name of some of the aritstes, producers you have work with so far?
Some of the producers I work with so far are DreDay of course, Sos
Dynamikz, the late Blaxxx, Bishop and Aps Columbian, D_Ballad and DjNeil
(Cashflow). Artistes I worked with are Kalado and Magano

What is the name of the mixtape?

Who are some of the artist/producer you work with on this mixtape? 
DreDay, Sos Dynamics and D_Ballad

How i many tracks on the mixtape? 
It will be 13 tracks

What is the inspiration for the mixtape?
Just my everyday life in Jamaica.
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