Irina Mossi “Just for One Night“

While waiting on his appeal dancehall artist Vybz Kartel Gaza
brand is said to be under attack from scammers.
Claiming to be affiliated with Gaza Brand/movement, such
individual call themselves Gaza Next Generation
(G.N.G). Members of the group were featured in the daily newspaper Jamaica Star.
Michael Stamma Gramma Williams operates the popular
dancehall fan pages on Facebook called  Gaza Fans Only and he is also the  president of Gtunez, Stamma first came to public attention last year in a feud
with Tommy Lee Sparta over a song called Scammer Anthem.
I met Vybz Kartel and Shawn Storm in 2008 at Portmore Empire
All Schools Jamboree, where Shawn Storm introduced me as as one of the future
members of Gaza, then named Portmore Empire,” Stamma Gramma said.
While “Gaza Nana met Vybz Kartel While performing at a
show in Dela Splash in 2008.

The GNG is a fake organization as it was never brought to the attention of  Vybz Kartel, nor did they attempt to ask for
his approval. 

Stamma Gramma said. In his Jamaica star interview “if Vybz Kartel condemns the plan publicly, only then we will cease
and desist with the idea”

In recent days information surfaced that Stamma was no long a member of the
so called (G.N.G).

It is alleged that artistes from the G.N.G are splicing Vybz Kartel voice
and cheating producers out of there hard earn money.

One example of such acts a popular Internet radio host and Record Producer Keron
Williams of Street Digital Record he had sent money for a tune to be done, the
song was “do road” by Nana Ice,
The song had some audio said to be Vybz Kartel but when the producer listen to
it he quickly realize it was fake. 

World Magazine Jamaica reach out to other know and establish members
of the Gaza in Waterford the home town of Vybz Katel and Shawn Storm and was
direct to their manager Gary Tolan who had this to say, We the Sikka Team have no
affiliation with (G.N.G). 


He further say none of the Gaza/Sikka member was ever a part of  G.N.G, There cannot be a Gaza Next Generation
and the first generation did not condone or approve of it. He continued to say we
Gaza Team Sikka is not in the business of calling up people name.

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