court, court of appeal, privy council, director of public prosecution, Mr tom Tavares-Finson, Mr Miguel Lorne, MS Tamika Harris, Mr. Everton Dewar, Mr. Rogers,
minister of justice and security, most honorable Portia Simpson-miller, the


I am writing to you in regards to the vybz kartel murder trial, not being in
attendance at the trial (supposedly the longest murder trial in Jamaica
history),i had to rely on media reports and unless much has been “lost in
translation” i do not think that based on the evidence presented a jury
could have met for approximately 2 hours to examine the offering presented in a 65 day trial (judge Lennox Campbell spent all of 6 days
to do his summary).

clearly jurors had long decided that the “world boss” and his
co-accused had to be sent away and they were not going to objectively examine
the evidence presented. i guess they were exercising their “common
sense” as urged by judge campbell jurors are not members of the court, or public opinion they are sitting in the
court of law, the supreme court to be exact and the evidence presented must be
beyond reasonable doubt to result in a conviction. 

the police had also used mr palmer’s phone while it was in their possession, an action which i suspect
would have resulted in the collapse of the crown’s case in other jurisdiction a particular concern must also be the conduct of the presiding judge. he did
not come across as an impartial arbitrator but probably demonstrated bias towards the prosecution. he for
example repeatedly refused to include time stamps of audio and video evidence
during his summary. i am not a fan of dancehall or a lawyer and i do believe
that if you do the crime you should pay the penalty, that’s just it. i will say this
though, the jamaican system is known for its lackadaisical traits and cover up. they see mr palmer as a young black. yes, a
black ghetto youth with power. but think about it; open up your minds for one
moment and let us think as educated people. 

if you were a business man selling
bags,what would you do? make the bags appealing to what the public is gravitating
towards right? it’s the same with musiciansrappers, djs r&b singers, pop
stars you name it. dont blade mr palmer for violence in jamaica because killing
and robberies have been happening long before you and i were born. mr bunting went on
national tv and stated that mr palmer is one of jamaica’s four problem..question to you mr bunting has crime decreased for the
last two years these men have been behind bars.and do you strongly believe that with mr palmer and his co-accussed
in prison that the crime rate will go down? because so far it have not. as the
minister of national security you are doing a very poor job and instead of
blaming mr palmer, maybe mr bunting you should consider let’s take a look at the case in a nutshell.
the deputy comissioner of police stated that he is concerned that the
cellphones were being used but not surprise because he is very much aware of the level of corruption in the police force.
now, how can a police officer collect a cellphone as evidence and allow other police officers to use the same cell
phone and then after tendered it into evidence and the judge accepted it into

the blood found on the premises where it was said that the alleged murder took place was collected as evidence and match against clive williams
uncle came back negative and the prosecution reply was the reason the blood wasn’t a match was because Mr
williams was a “jacket”.a cell site expert from the police force was called upon and he testified that
no one cellphone can make a call one second after been registered at the Norman Manley airport and at the Acadia
cell sites.

when the question was put to him by the defense as to how is that possible, his
reply was he cannot answer to that.he was asked if it’s possible that the chip was clone and he reply saying it’s
a possibility.
another police expert was called upon by the prosecutor. he testified that
metadata is a data about data and the main witness had testified before that he
arrived at havendale 5 or 5:30 but call data record
showed his phone making calls in portmore at that particular time. the police expert was asked by the
defense how this is possible. his reply was i don’t know. he also testified that a photograph was taken from a phone
alledgelly belonging to the accused mr palmer of a dog bite on his foot. meta-data time of the photo was 7:09
pm at that time call data was shown that the main witness was in route on red hills road heading to havendale, and the main witness had
testify that mr palmer got bitten while he was running after him, now could it
be that the main witness was there before he was actually there? how is it
possible that the main witness was in both places at the same time? 

when ask upon by the
defense how is it possible, his reply was he does not know. now this said
police expert gave evidence that he created a call data report on the 22nd of October 2011,and at that time was the first he was using the phone while he was examining
them, but his report showed that he was being accessed on the
3,4,10,11,12,13,14 of October 2011. when ask by the defense who had access to
the cellphone during these times since October 22nd 2011 was the first time it
was being used by him ,he reply saying he cannot speak on that. the inconsistent of this witness goes further but i choose to end it here. 

another witness was called by the prosecution, this time it was the head of the
digicel group who was in charge of preparing the call data record that was given to the police to give to the
court. he testified that he prepared two (2) cds: js1 and js2. now the js1 was a copy of the evidence collected and only to be
opened in court for court use only. js2 was the working copy which the police
used to create evidence, however when the evidence was presented by the police
expert, it was shown from js2 and that cd the head of the digicel group said he
gave it to the police for only working use was not for court presentation. when ask by the defense how can the court verify that
the information on js2 was authentic he reply saying it could only be proven with the original js1, he also testified
that the information on js2 could be copied and modified.the defense then ask the court to present the original js1 cd at
which the prosecutor told the defense and the court that the original js1 cd could not be found because it was lost,
seems to me like all the evidence just got up and walk. 

the handwriting expert
was called to testify by the defense team. this expert also works for the
prosecution. now a letter was written by the main witness to the public
defender stating that he was being forced by the police to give statement against the accused men in Mr palmer’s trial. 

he also included in his
letter that he had indeed seen clive williams alive after august 16.2011. the handwriting expert analyze the letter
by comparing the signature on the letter to over 39 signature on the main witness statement produced by the prosecution.
the expert indeed said that the letter was signed by the same person. when the prosecution began to cross examined the
witness, he told by expert that his examination was incomplete because he didn’t have the original statement of the
witness handwriting, in which the expert replied he wasn’t given the original
statement but instead given photo copies, the defense objected and ask the prosecution for the original, the prosecutor told the court the original was
prosecutor called police cell site expert. during his evidence he testify
saying he has a photo of the house navigated by Google earth., when question by the defense how he came up with the
location he told the court he got coordinate from a photograph from a phone that was alleged to belong to mr
palmer. in presenting his finding to the court, the house that Google pointed was not the same house the allege murder
was said to have taken place but a house that was actually across from it. 

when ask by the defense how this happen
that house came up he reply that he cannot speak to that matter or maybe google
earth was at fault. on a next matter how did the main witness happen to make out that mr williams was lying motionless on the floor and mr st john standing
over him with a block while he was running for his life all from a cellphone light. bearing in mind, the house was
in complete darkness, how did the main witness run from such a short distance from the house to jump over a 8 foot
gate and not sustained any injuries at all (a talented young man). 

note book containing crucial information to the case just
vanished. a video was shown in court, a video showing no faces, just clothes and tattoos. no murder was seen taking place
on the video. after it was put out by the media long before the trial started that the police have video evidence of
the accused men committing murder.
i have come to realize that people can sound alike..and people sounds different
over the phone even on a voice note..take for example the dancehall duo twins of twins when they are in character 90% of
the time they do sound like the person they are mimicking. with todays technology, anything is possible including
creating a fake text message or even making a fake phone call. there is an
application for that and it works, trust me it does because i have tried it and
you cannot tell if it’s real or fake.
the prosecutor called another police expert that stated he was in charge of
dealing with the text messages. 

he presented a colored chart to the court that was created by him showing text
messages taken from a cellphone alledgely belonging to mr palmer in a readable formation. but right before the
court he changed the color and format in which the messages were sent. please note that he had earlier informed the
court that js2 cd was read only and that nothing could be change. that same
police took the text “program them things for lizzy” and place it
somewhere else and later admitted he doesn’t know how that happen. it’s no
doubt the police force is corrupted. police even kill their own and say they died in shoot out. mr palmer is paying the price for voicing his
opinion against the corrupted government, he was brave enough to talk and to
even write a book about the ills of society. 

you cannot find a person guilty
because you dislike them, or for how they look. his tattoos and bleaching is
just an artistic impression and after all it’s his skin, for anyone to sell anything at all you have to be creative, ecpecially the
entertainment industry where the competition is so high. vybz karter and adidja palmer are two different individual. shawn
storm and shawn campbell are two different individuals. 

call it spilt personalites if you may, for them it works. tapping
into character to put food on the table do you think corruption is gonna stop if someone doesn’t talk about it? do you
think potholes are gonna fill up on their own if someone don’t challenge the government? wake up people. i wish the
system would have tried these men for who they are and not from the community in which they are from. a man must be
judged according to the evidence against him and not what was made up for him,
this case surely and purely is made up of unfair circumstantial evidence in order for there to be a better justice system, the corruption has to be
removed. these men deserve a fair trial.


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