Fantan Mojah Believes That, Artistes Are Selling Reggae Music Cheap

Reggae artiste Fantan Mojah said some Jamaican
artistes are undercharging promoters to perform at major festivals in
other countries.

According to the singer, the Marley’s have made reggae music a
valuable product, however, the genre is devalued every time an artiste
performs for a rate below his/her worth. 

Fantan Mojah thinks recording artistes should make a sacrifice for the benefit of the Jamaica’s music industry. 

“Dem cheap because a nuh suh the Marley dem set it. Reggae music a
nuh small fry music enno,Nuh badda feel like a foreign artiste alone
can ask for big price.

When you are going to do a promotional tour, that
is a different thing, but if you are going to a major festival with
over 30,000 patrons plus sponsorship, how are you going to charge only
3000 EUR ($450,000)?” he said.

The artiste say other artistes to research the industry markets and know
their strengths and weaknesses before selling themselves cheap. 

Fanton continued, “Too much commercial dread inna music these days man. Yuh couldn’t
tell Peter Tosh and dem man deh fi guh perform fi certain things,”.

Fantan Mojah is currently in Nassau where he is to make an appearance at an event. 

He is expected to leave to Europe for five shows this month.And also slated to do a comprehensive tour of Europe during the winter


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