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Exco Levi, was born Wayne Ford Levy on June 7, 1981 in Manchester and
grew up in Clarendon, Jamaica. Singing is in Wayne’s blood as his father
was also an artist and sound system DJ.

Exco’s musical tastes
include listening to and appreciating the lyricism and talent of the
late Garnet Silk, Bob Marley and Peter Tosh as well as contemporaries
like Sizzla Kolonji. Through the work of these artists he has been able
to develop his own unique sound which emanates deep respect for the
musical icons who paved the way. Wayne’s talents also extend to
recording and performing audio engineering tasks in studio. He credits
this to his time spent at the Stineam and Triple Platinum Recoding
Studios while living in Jamaica.

Exco Levi quickly took hold of
the Canadian reggae music scene after emigrating in 2005. His strong
writing skills complement his lyrical prowess and delivery. He continues
to show his range and musical intellect through songs like the Canadian
Anthem, “Oh Canada”, the nostalgic “Sweet Jamaica” and the love ballad
“Same ole Words”. His songs have given voice to a nation and helped
forge an entirely new style of music and rhythm that is revolutionary,
fiery, scathing, loving and stinging.

His songs are just as
potent on his lips as they are on his Cds. Exco’s ability to quickly
engage and convince his audience makes him very appealing. This has led
to him being in high demand for colourful collaborations. He has worked
with top Djs and promoters worldwide. This musical “Midas” turns any
song he touches to pure gold.

Exco’s management team has been NCF
Productions since December 2010. He currently works with Penthouse
Records and Jukeboxx Music. He has recently released two blazing hot
singles ‘Mr. Hammer” on NCF and the self love anthem “Bleaching shop” on
the Penthouse label, which has been topping charts globally. Both songs
have been receiving major airplay by local and overseas DJs. He is
currently in production for his debut album project with Penthouse

Exco is a determined artist with the technical skills
and performance style that is bound to give him more and more
recognition. He is on his way to becoming a household name, one
synonymous with quality and musical excellence. He is definitely the
artist to watch!

TWITTER – @Excolevi
INSTAGRAM – @Excolevi

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