A Statements From Gary Tolan Sikka Rymes Manager

Why them waste dem time fi try fight a god bless yute pree wah mi a seh below.

Statements from Sikka Rymes manager Gary Tolan
From recently there has
been rumors generating from unscrupulous individuals stating my artist
Sikka Rymes has been scamming producers from overseas of their hard earn
money for recording on their projects.

I just want to state the
guaranteed fact that is a bogus lie which I can challenge at my utterly
best of those inept arguments. 
I feel all of this is due to a so-call
musical group by the name of “Gaza Next Generation” (G.N.G).
individuals has been spreading false rumor that Sikka Rymes is part of
their once again so-called brand which I can also say is very false,
cause Sikka Rymes nor does the Sikk Team members has or had any form of
affiliation with such entity. Now it has come to light that the true
Scammers are G.N.G themselves and we have gained proof due to a leaked
voice note session that was has circulating the internet all day.

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