Irina Mossi Love Detective

VIVA La Burns is a contemporary Brooklyn based reggae
fusion artist. VIVA delivers a unique and exciting sound with his
ability to blend worldly elements into his music, which focuses on:
love, lust and social issues.

VIVA’s debut album, ‘Sins Of A Gallis’ features some of
NYC’s best upcoming artists, producers and DJs! Expect to hear reggae
and dancehall being fused with many different genre influences in the
album. (Ex: balie funk, 8-bit reggae, Baltimore club, rock & roll,
R&B, hip hop and alternative) Listen to VIVA’s journey on finding,
losing and recovering love with 7 dancehall tracks, 7 conscious tracks
and 1 poem!
“I want to convey a wide range of emotions in my music and
display the real power of music; the ability to alter and encourage
moods by the drop of a beat and the lyrics of a song. Regardless of the
theme, I always tell a story in every one of my tracks.”

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