Nikki Z To Rejoin Robbo Ranxs On BBC 1xtra

Irina Mossi Love Detective

The Diva’, Nikki Z, is rejoining media personality Robbo Ranxs‘ programme on BBC 1xtra after a two-year break.

BBC Radio 1Xtra is one of the premiere digital radio stations in the
United Kingdom and the world, specializing in urban music varying across genres such
as hip hop, house, dancehall and reggae.

The sister station to BBC Radio
1 station, BBC Radio 1Xtra is regarded as one of the most
popular digital radio stations, boasting millions of listeners and
featuring a 24/7 programming of various types of music and notables

“I took a break from the show to allow myself more time to deal with
some personal things happening in my life. I didn’t feel I could give it
my best. Returning to the show now is refreshing, not only because I
get to work alongside my radio colleague, but this time, we are doing it
even bigger, better, and stronger. It’s our time,” stated Nikki Z. 

she is the No.1 diva on Connecticut Hot 93.7 FM, Nikki Z is the host of her
international syndicated radio countdown programme ‘Nikki Z Hot 20’,
which can be heard throughout the Caribbean and more recently, in Ghana
and Kenya. 

Available on podcast and iTunes, Nikki Z Hot 20 will also become
available on video under the sponsorship of Hapilos Entertainment.

Catch Nikki Z Thursday nights on BBC 1Xtra dishing the dirt with UK’s finest Robbo Ranx!


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