The fast rising powerhouse dancehall group known as
, consisting of three members, First Born, Cv and X-FACTA, have
steadily been gaining recognition for their hard work, not only on the
underground dancehall scene but mainstream as-well. 

L.N.J stands for
London, New York, Jamaica and also Loyalty Now Justified. 

First Born is
the London based dancehall lyrical juggernaut (The Lyrical Hot Steappa),
hence the L in LNJ. Cv also goes by the name The Lyrical Monster, is
the New York based LNJ member.

While X-FACTA The Legend is the J in LNJ,
the Jamaican based member. L.N.J is known, respected and feared by many
for their Lyrical Abilities. 

Never before have there been three artists
in one group with such masterful lyrical abilities these L.N.J  members
possess. Ultimate Rattacon, Angels Cry, Erase, Haters Rattacon, LNJ
Great Like Dat, are just a few of the L.N.J group collaborations.

to these songs and you will sure to be amazed by their creativity,
their use of metaphors, similes, wordplay and music personification. 


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