Ganja Growers Association Historic Launch Set For Saturday Aprill 5.

Irina Mossi Love Detective

Years of advocating for the legalization of marijuana by many reggae/dancehall artist and public figure in Jamaica they will take a big step closer to the initiative.

When on Saturday Aprill 5, 2014 The
Ganja Future Growers
and Producers Association will launch Jamaica’s
first ganja growers association at the Jamaica Conference Centre in
downtown Kingston.

The group is expected to promote control, education and taxation for the regulated industry.

will also lobby government to establish regulations for the
cultivation, agro processing and medicinal use of the herb and its by

CHARLES R Nesson, the William F Weld Professor at Harvard Law School and
founder of the Berkman Centre for Internet and Society and a medical
marijuana advocate, will be among several speakers at the historic

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