The crew from BERLIN became limited to the founder members TOMMY DOLLAR, ALI BLING and PAUL, although they got back support from “the general“ but tommy and ali were the only ones to perform the sound on stage. 

Due to work we could not take as much bookings as we want or concentrate proper on dub sessions and own events as the dagga explosion, neither find time to prepare for clashes or our next productions. Along with things getting tougher and times getting harder it was clear for us to see that these problems would come up on a regular basis, so we always looked out for new talent who could become members and who would share the love to the music and could match our expectations of a killing sound. The old members are still good friends but don’t enjoy the dancehall culture anymore. 

While touring the continent we finally found the perfect new member in STOCKHOLM, Sweden. KEON born and grown a Trinidad and Tobago. Keon living in Sweden and known there as the founder of top juggling sound MONEY DREAM. Money Dream had since its start taken Stockholm by storm and in 2012 according to statistics was the most booked sound in Sweden at different events without holding down a resident spot at any club. 

We met Keon first in 2010 and we immediately had a great vibe personally and very quick we realized about his outstanding talent and especially the authentic juggling style and so in 2011 he became a member of City Lock. After regular visits to each other in Berlin and Stockholm and juggling together in Finland, Poland, Sweden, and Germany we now safe very proud to say: Be excited for all next CITY LOCK performances with the new and original members representing the “most wanted“ sound. The Stockholm massive must have time to get used to the new sound name CITY LOCK from now. 

We are looking forward to less boarders and more unity in the dancehall now especially between the Sweden and Germany family. In the name of unity and with respect to the massive, all our friends and enemies… THE NEW CITY LOCK INTL. TEAM KEON, GENERAL, PAUL, ALI BLING, TOMMY DOLLAR

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