Chris Martin And Jah Cure’s Motor Vehicles Confiscated.

Irina Mossi “Just for One Night“

Jah Cure and Chris Martin vehicles were seized by police as part of a major
crackdown by MOCA and the Revenue Protection Division (RPD) of the
Ministry of Finance.

the high-end motor vehicles which include a Range Rover and BMW X-5 are believed to be illegally imported.

Chris Martin’s manager Lydon Kingy Letman tells Music News that the
entertainer saw a vehicle on a registered car lot and made a purchased.

Meanwhile, the Revenue Protection Division (RPD) said
that they were unable to comment on the matter but will be issuing a
press release in short-order.

Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption agency (MOCA) also refused to
release the identities of the persons whose vehicles were seized.

the son of a politician is said to be in the mix.

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