Ryno V.S Gage – Artistes At Each Other’s Throat Lyrically

Irina Mossi Love Detective

A lyrical battle is ensuing between dancehall artistes Blak Ryno and Gage. the artistes have been involved in a lyrical showdown since January

According to Gage, Blak Ryno was first to record a song aimed at him,
and being the entertainer he is, he had to answer to Ryno’s


Well, him do a tune and call mi name, so mi call back fi him own
and him run go do interview wid ER and make me look like di
,” Gage said. 

The deejay who calls himself the ‘walking gun’, released a song called Dancehall Football
in January. Aimed at Ryno, the song accuses the deejay of only being
able to make a mark in music at the end of the year, alluding to Ryno’s
surprise win at Sting 2013. 

Ryno has accused Gage of stealing Tommy Lee Sparta’s voice as well as performing oral sex on women.  
Ryno’s counteraction to Dancehall Football, Gage says he will answer Ryno, stating that he has already recorded a track titled Dynamite. “Mi affi answer da one deh cuz it seem like him (Ryno) know more about my life than me,” he said.

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