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Ching Ching, was recently contacted by international rap star Lil Jon to do an official remix. ironically, it was Lil Jon who first released his song Turn Down For What, which was later remixed by Chi Ching Ching. 

“I took the instrumentals from his song and I did a remix for it,
which was produced by Eccentrix Sound. I remixed it with Lil Jon’s
voice in the intro, and then I added a new verse to it and did a video.

released it on websites and on social media, and one day Lil Jon sent
me a tweet about it,” Chi Ching Ching said.

He added that the feedback locally has also been overwhelming.

“I felt really great when I saw the tweet. Is like a World Cup
atmosphere when mi see it. It’s good to know that I’ve been putting in
the work and it’s being recognized. Me a work hard and mi ting a reach
out there to the masses. My music has wings, it’s traveling. It feels
good to know that Lil Jon reached out to Chi Ching. I’m speechless,” he

Dung to the baby dem love it. It’s always a go when mi get a hip hop rhythm, because One Knock was also on a hip hop rhythm. 
While waiting to hear back from Lil Jon’s management team in regards to
the official remix, Chi Ching Ching says he is gearing up for his second
European tour. The tour will kick off mid-March, and will make stops in
Sweden, Germany and Italy.

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