Agent Sasco Talks About Crime In Jamaica

Agent Sasco is fed up with the crime problems plaguing Jamaica.
Sasco, spoke on dealing with the crime problem in the island.

“It is not a Dunkirk or East Kingston problem. When you
look at it, it is the same violent acts which just pop up from community
to community.”

“We really need to look into ourselves and establish why certain acts
of violence take place and work towards solutions for the country as a
whole… it can’t be a three-month thing. Police, soldier and curfew, and
once the violence die down they move on to the next community.”

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“When you talk to the people who live in these realities one gets a sense that they feel they do not have much to live for — a sense of hopelessness. In addition they feel marginalised by the wider society.”
“There is a life outside, a whole world in fact, where people are
living their lives without subscribing to violence. These are not
aliens, they are persons right there in these communities. I have lost
so many of the people I grew up with to violence … it’s just not worth

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