Jamaican Dons, Garrison Communities and International Crime” Dr. Damion Blake

Garrisons in Jamaica have often emerged as neighborhoods that are don-
ruled shadow versions of the official State. 

These are poor inner city
communities characterized by homogeneous and, in some cases, over-voting
patterns for one of Jamaica’s two major political parties: the Peoples
National Party (PNP) or the Jamaica Labor Party (JLP). 

presentation, based on my 2011 dissertation, will give a brief analysis
of the garrison phenomenon and how they have evolved. 


The impact of drug
and gun trafficking on the power of dons will also be discussed.

About This Speaker:

Damion Blake was a 2011-2012 Drugs, Security and Democracy (DSD)
dissertation fellow. 

He recently completed his PhD in Political Theory
and Policy in the Alliance for Social, Political, Ethical and Cultural
Thought (ASPECT Program) at Virginia Tech with his project titled
“Violent Actors and Embedded Power: 
Exploring the Evolving Roles of
Jamaica’s Dons.” 

Blake holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA.) and a Master of
Science (MSc.) from the University of the West Indies (UWI) at Mona,
Jamaica. He taught as an Assistant Lecturer in the Department of
Government at UWI (2005-2008) and in the departments of History and
Political Science at Virginia Tech. 

Currently he is an Assistant Adjunct
Professor in the Department of Political Science at Virginia Tech.
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