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X-FACTA is a Dancehall/Reggae from Waterford, Portmore, Jamaica he is the Founder of the Elete Squad and Co-founder of Morris Code Production and LNJ which he is currently a member of X-Facta and his other LNJ member CV and Firstborn are currently the
top underground artist in the Dancehall/Reggae circle and have been know
to dabble in other popular forms of music, X-FACTA has collaborated
with other giants of the industry such as Freddie Mcgregor, Tarrus
Riley, Shawn Storm, Jay Will and other noteworthy industry stands-out.

he is also a Studio Engineer, Producer of Rhythms, Song Writer and from time to time molds young talent, 

X-Facta is currently enjoying air play on both local and
international air waves but regardless of the fact does music as a
passion of the heart/art, He has recently released his best set of songs
to date on the compilation cd called
“Baddest Dancehall Artist” and
X-FACTA has no intentions of stopping anytime soon

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