Tessanne’s The Voice

Despite not getting the big break that she has yearned for
locally, Tessanne Chin deservingly got her shine when she was named
winner of The Voice last night.

“A better coach for me I could not find. I thank you every day for choosing me,” Tessanne said to Adam Levine. 

Although she seemed calm, it could be easily sensed that nerves
and emotions were high in the Los Angeles venue. Following a long pause,
Will Champlin was announced as the third-place winner.

Then it was time for the major announcement. 

“The winner of The Voice is Tessanne Chin,” host Carson Daly said to screams from Tessanne and many persons in the audience. 

Second place went to Jacquie Lee. 

Tessanne cried and even seemed a bit shaken by the sound of the
fireworks. Nonetheless, the singer composed herself enough to sing Tumbling Down that OneRepublic wrote for her. 

Earlier in the night, Tessanne also got another surprise when she
was given a car courtesy of Kia Motors. As she was about to enter the
SUV, she may have shocked a few when she said, “We have the worst

Since the 1990s Jamaica has not seen a mainstream female pop artists.
The likes of Diana King and Patra captivates 1990s pop culture with
their brand of Jamaican music, but now Tessanne Chin will usher in a new
era of Jamaican female pop artists.

For two consecutive weeks, Tessanne also secured the number one spot on iTunes for her rendition of Bridge Over Troubled Waters and I Have Nothing.

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