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Cash who hails from the Old Harbour community of Water Lane has seen and can attest to the harsh natures of ghetto levity which is primarily fueled by poverty. As a youth he attended the Old Harbour High School this during the mid 1990’s where he began creating
lyrics and punch-lines before, during and after class. The son of a single mother
Cash recalls seeing his father on a few occasions but the bulk on inspiration was
always found in the music. “My uncle always used to ask me what tunes were
running the dancehall and I could DJ everyone from start to finish for him, that’s were
the real passion came from”.

An avid fan of Dancehall culture he soon became well acquainted with Buju Banton
and after some years with one of his most inspiring idols yet, the five star general
Bounty Killer, who after learning of his Baby Cash stage name realigned a few letters
and came up with Dirty Money.

Accepting the name at first the talented DJ later did
his own adjustments and after much thought decided on Badd Cash as the two were
basically the same.

Despite all the hype Cash was still unknown and soon changed his approach to the
music which in-turn translated to the beginning a professional career in 1998 when
he recorded his first solo single “Can’t Stop This” for the Sunlight Productions Label. 

Although the track gave him leverage into the ins and outs of recording a song, it
never took flight. 10 years later after other recordings a much more mature, more
focused Cash has found himself in a good position musically. 

His catalog of singles
in this time includes „Great Things“ on the Gangster Beat Riddim and „Vision &
Dreams“ on the Not Out Riddim both for Pay Day Music Productions headed by the
Dancehall producer / engineer Kevin. His song “Great Things” had been played up
and down at the Jamaican radio stations. His song also appears in the video
“Gangster Beat Medley”. Well known artists as Bounty Killer, Movado and Elephant
Man have their parts in the video as well. In 2006 Badd Cash got the chance to
perform on stage with Bounty Killer at Old Harbour Splash.

When its time for recording Cash along with his clique of young Alliance members
Lando, Flexx, Di Unusual, Boom Steppa and Nymron who he has been friends with
since 1996 can be found at the studios of Solid Agency home of other top artists like
Wayne Marshall, Aidonia, Etana and Bounty Killer. In the time being around Killer
Cash had been in two more videos. One is a collaborative effort between himself and
6 other artists for a song titled “Like Everybody Else” with other avenues ranging
form word of mouth credits to street marketing. The other one was for the song
“Race Out” which is part of the soundtrack of the Jamaican movie Cop and a
badman. The song is on the Boot Hill Riddim produced by Trackhouse Productions.

In 2012 Cash then focused on music projects in Europe, basically in Switzerland and
Germany. He had been working with a German producer called Philtunes Music who
is known for versatile riddims influenced by dancehall, r&b and hip hop. Three songs
have successfully been recorded. The time the artist spent in Germany was used for
recording, and shooting the video for the song “Cash” on the Oldschool Riddim.
Back in Jamaica Smokey, the producer of Smokey Entertainment, got interested in
Badd Cash whereon a collaboration followed. “It naa go work” was the name of the
song the artist delivered on the Sleep Out Riddim. The video, directed by John
Dingo, is outstanding in its quality and direction.

The following year Badd Cash spent six months in Switzerland. He used that
opportunity to network and get to know the reggae and dancehall scene of
Switzerland. During that time he was invited to hit the stage at several clubs, as
Coupole, Paraiba or FAKT. The hightlights were the openings of the shows of RDX
and Laza Morgan at Coupole, organized by the well-respected Swiss sound
RuffPack International. Ganja Force made him become a resident artist of Olten’s
Paraiba. At FAKT Cash had the experience to hit the stage with the known Swiss
artist “Cookie the Herbalist”.

Next to the stage experience he worked at the studio. He recorded three songs on
riddims of Max RubaDub, a Swiss producer known for his creativity and uniqueness.
Cash’s song “Sing bout Gal“ on the Run 45 Riddim is out on iTunes. The songs
“Baby” on the Rascal 5 Riddim and “Dance tun up“ on the Roots 51 Riddim are yet
to be released. A next project was with Soul Rebel Sound & Scrucialists who brought
back the Rising Riddim to the studio. Cash recorded a song called “Before Time” on
it, which is going to be released in February 14. There are a number of other songs
that Cash recorded in the meantime and will be released next year.

Cash once started as a dj. Now he is far beyond that, and is able to show a big
variety of styles in his songs. He is not only a talented singer and dj, but also a
skilled songwriter. It needs to be mentioned that he wrote all his songs himself!

Remember how it all started Cash swears his role as an artist was predetermined. “I
think music chose me because even on my off days when I say I’m not going to write
a song, I’m just going to rest. Somehow I keep getting ideas, and thoughts for new
material, so I don’t think I’ll ever stop doing music even when I get that number 1
single I’m gonna keep going. I’m doing this for myself but also for my kids and my
family. There is nothing that will discourage me. As I sing in one of my songs “I keep
fighting – doing the right thing!”. 

Twitter: (DIREALBADDCASH @CashMorvin)
Myspace: (BADD CASH)

Booking Info: Sarah Ochsner, 
Phone: 0041 76 408 74 84 (CH) 
              001876 420 52 22 (JAM)

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