For the last couple of year we have seen the stead decline of dancehall, reggae in Jamaica for example the 2 a.m turn off of the street,
some stage and the refusal to grant street dance permitts is evidences of the agenda.

Venue such as TRACKS AND RECORDS in Kingston and CLUB FAMOUS in Portmore just to name a few are there to fill the gap that is been made from the absent of street dances. many poor and inner city people earn there honest living off dancehall reggae music from the Jerk Chicken Man, Hair Dresser, Peanut Man to the Deejay and Selectors.

When the dancehall was in its infant stage most of the musician were from the Inner City and the ghetto of kingston. now there are very little ghetto mainstream producers in the business now.

Now we see the (JAMAICA BROADCASTING CORPORATION) have plans in the pipelines that artist can sing about gangster nor sing about know gangster. the law will come with jail time. they already establish a band on the bleeps in songs on the radio, Also if you want to keep a party at your house you will need to get a permit from the police plus pay a music tax for all the songs that is played at the party.

There are a lot of people in the Jamaica music industry that have hidden agenda. Homosexual has found there way into the dancehall space and some have even become movers and shakers inside the music industry.

Rap music was the mouth of the poor black people of American, but since it as been hijacked there positive messages as gone out the window and that is the same place dancehall is going if we let them.

The notion that you of to be Lite Skin to break in the international market as a dancehall artist is very real and is a fact. if we want to look at the track record of international dancehall artistes.


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