Mad Cobra Demands $50,000US For Sting

Mad Cobra Dancehall deejay is asking Sting promoters to pay him US$50,000 if they want him to perform at the annual Boxing Day stage show.
Cobra who is expected to be in Europe at around the time of Sting, he’s
heard talks of clash and is interested but is adamant that the promoters pay the $50,000US price tag.

“It has been 10 years since I last did Sting. The last three years, I
paid my money and went to see it as a patron, mi never get no free
ticket. So, if he needs me over there this year, Isaiah Laing will have
to pay me. I already have a couple of shows lined up for the US where I
will make US$60,000, so if he needs me at Sting, I have to be paid at
least US$40,000,”
he said.

“I will put some of the money I got from my early Sting performances …
in the jackpot cause mi ready fi murder some people; just put me (up)
against the top three and mi will kill them. It no matter which order
dem come up in, ah just one result and one outcome, dem a go dead. Mi
nuh have nothing to prove, mi nuh have no Sting title but mi badda than
the whole ah dem,”
he said.  
Sting 2013 will be held on Boxing Day, December 26. Already confirmed for the renowned stage show celebrating its 30th anniversary are Super Cat, Mavado and rapper 2Chainz.


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