Hawaii’s Big Island GMO Ban Finalized

Irina Mossi Love Detective

The ban on GMOs (Genetically modified organism)on the Big Island of Hawaii was inevitable, and coming this Fall.
Many didn’t believe it when they heard it, citing that October’s move
wasn’t a cemented ban just yet. But it was clear to all who were making
moves in Hawaii that this ban was going to go through. The one major
flaw of the ban is that it exempts or “grandfathers” existing GMO crops,
which while limited to papaya plants, does exempt a major crop from the

In any event, the Hawaii County Council passed a bill Tuesday
that bans biotech companies from starting new operations on the Big
Island and further prohibits the expansion of genetically altered crops.

This groundbreaking bill passed 6 to 3. It is always possible
that Mayor Billy Kenoi could potentially veto it, sending it back to the
county council, but most believe this is highly unlikely, as the
council could then override a veto with a vote of six members, and make
the mayor look incredibly weak. As politicians don’t typically like to
make losing moves like that, Kenoi will likely stand down and allow this
vote to stand.

This finalization of the bill comes only three days after
Kauai pushed forward legislation that increases regulations of biotech.

(Article by Isa Abu Jamal; image use and modified via a DDees anti-GMO picture)

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