Aaron Russo’s Documentary ”America Freedom To Fascism” Dir cut.

[This is for educational purpose only, its your free will to do what you
want of course]there are many reviews of this documentary most are
positive this is one review, i found this on the Net.this is the Dir
cut. this review is from the normal documentary. .Russo’s films have
been nominated for six Academy Awards, as well as seven Golden Globes.
His films have won three Golden Globes and the Image Award. His latest
film is a documentary entitled, “America: Freedom To Fascism.” The film
begins with a critical review of two monumental events that happened in
1913: the adoption of the 16th Amendment, which has been interpreted to
authorize the forced taxation of individual income and the creation of
the Federal Reserve, which turned the governance of America’s financial
system over to a centralized private banking interest. The film
intelligently and convincingly makes a strong case for the opinion that
both the 16th Amendment and the Federal Reserve System are flatly
unconstitutional and may not even have been legally adopted. 

film then factually demonstrates how modern presidents (especially Bush
I, Clinton, and Bush II) have led America out of the light of liberty
and into a dark alley of fascism (hence the film’s title). The film
provides many examples to prove the reality of that statement.

very credible personalities are interviewed in the film including Texas
Congressman Ron Paul, constitutional scholar Edwin Vieira, Jr. Esq.,
former IRS special agents and investigators, and several others. Russo
also interviewed former IRS commissioners, and reviewed copious court
cases, including Supreme Court cases. Predictably (for such a
documentary), notable tax resistors such as Bob Schulz and Franklin
Sanders were also interviewed. And, frankly, their arguments are

The overall arguments and conclusions of the film are
more than convincing! It will be very difficult for anyone objectively
viewing this film to attack the facts and evidence presented. And for
that reason, I’m confident that both the political and financial
interests of this country will hope that no one watches it!

also rightly connects the dots between developments such as the USA
Patriot Act, the so-called “free trade” deals such as NAFTA and CAFTA,
and the business and political alliance promoting illegal immigration
with the overall push toward globalism and fascism.

Paul makes a compelling argument for the proposition that America is
already in the process of becoming a police state. Russo also includes
some disturbing police video which helps augment Paul’s point.

in thorough investigative form, interviews many people ranging from
everyday folks on the street to high level government officials. He also
gave people from both sides of the tax debate an opportunity to present
their case.

There were only a couple of disappointments with the
film. I noticed two words that will be offensive to Christian
audiences. Plus, had Russo added the cross-examination by the
inquisitor-esque Alabama Attorney General Bill Pryor of Alabama Chief
Justice Roy Moore, churches and pastors would more quickly be able to
identify with this film. And if any group of people needs to see and
comprehend Russo’s film, it is today’s pastors and churches!

other disappointment was with the way the film ends. I won’t spoil the
ending for those who have yet to see it, but, personally, I felt Russo
could have done a better job with the film’s conclusion. 
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