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Up-and-coming artist Venomus believed he had found success with his One Drop collaboration with QQ. The music is probably the most popular music currently in dancehall. 
This impact of success was short-lived however, as he has not been benefitting from the music as he believes he should. He said he has received almost no credit for his part in the songs. 

Venomus says he finds this extremely strange, as the two have known
each other for years. He said he has been on the road with QQ for a
while, and has written parts of some of his songs. He named Rum Ram as one such, and his vocals were also used in Ghetto Gal

We deh deh and him seh Venomus come in. Mi is a freestyle artiste suh
mi will hear a riddim and start wid the lyrics same time. Suh we deh
deh and a do di song, and di whole a Maverly deh pon the road, and di
people dem a seh di song bad, wi fi voice it,” said Venomous.


They later went to the Stashment Production studio where a rhythm was built and the song was recorded.

“Mi remember a listen to the riddim and a seh QQ, wi fi seh ‘drop, drop, drop, drop, drop’, pon da part yah,” he said.

In the song, Venomus does the intro, and shares the first verse with QQ.

He also made reference to an interview where he said QQ mentioned
that the song idea came to him while he (QQ) was in the bathroom as a
blatant lie.

“Di girl dem a do di dance and mi ask dem wah it name, and dem seh ‘one drop’ and it build pon the night of him party,” he said. 

“Him father run him life. A him father control him life. Mi think seh
when him graduate from Calabar him woulda be able fi think pon him own
and can talk out seh certain things weh dem did a do nuh right. All a
dem interviews him father deh dere a tell him wah fi seh. A lady tell mi
seh she hear GQ (QQ’s father) seh something like ‘if Venomus think seh
him a guh get a bigger shine than my son pon da song yah, him mek a sad

He continued, “Mi a young artiste, and mi know seh struggles deh
deh and thing but dem ting yah nuh right. Based pon certain things, mi
see seh him neva believe in the song’s potential. But from it get big
and video shoot mi nuh see or hear from him back. Him nuh come back a
Maverly cause di whole a dung deh cross bout wah happen. Everyday people
a tell mi how dem vex over wah happen.”

He has since been to The Jamaica
Association of Composers, Authors and Publishers where he says he has
registered the song in an effort to protect himself from further

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