Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tessanne Chin Sings “Try” On The Voice Audition (VIDEO)

Tessanne Chin
On Sept 24, Jamaican-born singer Tessanne Chin took The Voice stage to sing “Try” by Pink. The reggae-fusion artist obtained a three-chair convert from coaches Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, and Adam Levine. Minutes later, trainer Blake Shelton pushed his key.

All four coaches were in love by Tessanne, tossing relatively hard for the song. After listening to all the coaches make their pleas, Tessanne select to be a part of Group Adam Levin.

Adam Levin.

 “You can easily win The Voice this year I have no doubt in my mind,” Adam Levin said.

Cee Lo Green also tried a few smooth moves, but Levine informs him she has a Wedding ring on her hand. And yes her spouse, Micheal Anthony Cuffe Jr. and her dad, Jamaican business proprietor Richard Chin, were behind the scenes rooting her on. 



Anonymous said...

here is nothing more I hate like the CRAB IN A BARREL MENTALITY , who cares if she is already ESTABLISHED , cant we all be happy for her and shut up already !! STAR BUCKS is so established all over the world yet almost every month they are opening up a new shop . OHH AND FOR THE NOT SO INTELLIGENT ONES , WHAT SHE IS DOING IS CALLED MARKETING !!.

Anonymous said...

Rihana for Barbados, Nicky for Trinada, Melony Fiona, for Guyana, Now we need a Tessanne to represent Jamaica. Tek it to dem

Anonymous said...

girl that's "THE VOICE" go girl!!! defend yuh bread n butta!!!! bringgggg it!!

Anonymous said...

Her dad is not lascelles chin you racist fucks. All chins are not related.

Anonymous said...

fuck u all chin are Chinese

Anonymous said...

stupid people his name Richard Chin so stop the bitching this is not a forum.

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