Producer Murderd And Kartel’s Jail Cell Searched In Investigation.

Irina Mossi Love Detective

Vybz Kartel

Police say they have search the jail cell of DJ Vybz Kartel’s as aspect of their investigation into the death of well-known music producer ‘Roach’.

On Weekend investigators seized two mobile cell phones and three thumb-drives from the cell occupied by Kartel whose real name is Adijah Palmer

On Monday the lawmen went back to the prison and during further
searches, one DVD player and an apple iPod were taken from the cell of
Palmer and a DVD player seized from the cell of Shawn Campbell,
otherwise called ‘Shawn Storm’.

According to the police report the cell of Garfield Vassell, otherwise called
Zebra’, was also searched and the officers seized a sim card as well as
a piece of paper containing instructions purportedly written by a
popular entertainer.

The police report Wednesday did not
give the connection between the contraband found in the entertainer’s
cell and the killing of the producer.

Neither the nature of the instructions nor the name of the “popular entertainer”were revealed.

Producer “Patrick “Roach” Samuels Gun Down

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