Khago And Laden In A Heated War Of Words

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Dancehall Artistes Khago and Laden are now involved in a heated war of words, following Laden’s launch of a dis music known as Search engines Bad Thoughts featuring Benji, which is said to be targeted at Khago.

Khago’s name was not identified in the music, however, the artiste quickly launched a counteraction known as Missa Nyam Suh, in which he shoots several musical shots towards Laden. 

Mi google house and fi him and a Stephen dog house come up, ambition
and a cruff come up. Ooii deh Missa Nyam Suh di wholla junction a talk
sey yu nyam suh, Ooii deh Missa nyam suh, Stephen give him back di key
to the dog hut … badmind yu fi wah? Afta yu nuh have nuttin not, even
the shirt wey yu a button, cause a Chino deh mind yu, mine him a whine
yu. Yendi muss know something inna something,”
Khago sings. 

Laden has since addressed Khago’s counteraction with an attempt known as Nuh Joke in which he make fun at Khago’s threesome and his outcomes with Downsound records. 

“Wi google badmind a di cap fit him, all him madda wey birth him is
not with him. Him a train fi badmind him practising, anytime Sizzla hold
him every locks missing. Dem run yu from Downsound dat couldn’t be me,
yu lyrics dem a analog fimi dem a 3D. Scatta dis yu pon TV and bruck yu
Laden responded in his song. 

Laden said, Google Badmind did not mention Khago’s name, but members of his team took offence and released a counteraction.

Khago believes Laden’s grouse against him came in wake of his growing popularity in St Elizabeth, which is Laden’s home parish.

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