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Many people around the world are becoming more aware of Jozzy, a young
female gospel/inspirational artiste with a sweet sounding voice. She has
the versatility to cover several genres of music including R&B,
Souls and Pop.
Giuseppina Vittoria, popularly known as Jozzy
was born in 1990 in Switzerland but grew up in Italy. At the age of 6
years old she became involved in music plays by performing at
school events. She later moved to Switzerland where she had greater
experience by singing at many social events, and in church choirs,
musicals and also by performing as a back-up vocalist.

Giuseppina Vittoria grew up in a Christian home which lead her to accept
Christ as her Lord and saviour. She gave up her belief when she went
through a series of social and family struggles. Her parents divorce
lead to depression, loneliness, low self-esteem and suicidal tendencies.
She felt un-accepted and un-loved and began socialising with the wrong
crowds. She started to steal and hang out with drug dealers and she
frequently went clubbing. Through a personal experience with the Lord,
Giuseppina rededicated her life to him and since then she has been
focussed, faithful and a passionate follower of Christ.

2005, she was introduced into the recording industry when she was
contacted by a fellow musician to aid in the production of some songs.
Soon after, she was on music tours in cities across Switzerland and
Germany. This led to collaborations with many other artistes and

In 2010, she was invited to Los Angeles to partake
in the production of another music tour. This provided an opportunity
for her to pursue a solo career and also to connect with many American
gospel promoters, artistes and producers. During this time she performed
on gospel concerts, churches and conferences.

2011, she did her Discipleship Training School at Youth With A Mission in Montego Bay, Jamaica.
Thats when she got in contact with a christian Music, Events and Graphics producer from Kingston.

He felt passionate about her music and decided to take Jozzy into the studio to begin some new productions in Kingston.

Through this; She was blessed to meet some popular Gospel, Reggae and
Dancehall artistes Carlene Davis; Dj Nicholas; Sons of the Prophet;
Junior Reid; Freddie McGregor; Nadine Sutherland; Richie Stephens;
Junior Tucker; Kevin Smith; and Danny English.

She was also
blessed to meet International Producers Steelie & Clevie; Tommy
Cowan; Danny Browne; Stephen McGregor; Richard “Shams” Browne; Salim
(Lauryn Hill’s engineer); and Austin “Payday Music” Green (Bounty
Killer’s engineer).

Jozzy is now preparing her debut Single and Album in Jamaica.



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