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Inity Family Crew

Inity Family Crew was born in April 2012 – composed of eight dancers from different backgrounds, but all based in Switzerland – with passion for the Dancehall. 
After years of teaching, it is the desire to share more than a dance that allowed the crew to see the day. 
 Our name “Inity Family” reflects our team spirit as “Inity” means “unity” in Jamaican patois. The strength of this team lies in the philosophy that together we are stronger. By joining our desires, our differences and our knowledge we rise.
We added “Family”, because beyond a Crew, we are a family of heart, 8 women united beyond dance. It is through this force – seeking to produce quality work and respect the culture – we have followed many courses in Switzerland and abroad. In order to inform us and improve us in this discipline. 
This thirst for learning always takes us further and with increasing strength.
Today we feel the need to share all this with you and hope you will love this culture that is so rich Jamaican culture and mainly Dancehall. 
Backed by our recent meetings and our ongoing projects, we are willing to come and give courses in all schools of dance, fitness and associations that we welcome in Switzerland or abroad.

We are also willing to give demonstrations for all events involved.


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