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Don Zee

Don Zee born Dwayne Benjamin on the 21st of January 1989 in the parish of Clarendon,
he moved to St.Catherine Spanish Town at a very early stage in his life,while in St.Catherine.
he attended the Eltham Park Primary school,he wrote his first song while he was in the 5th grade
at Eltham Park Primary but out of fantasy than any thing. He grew up in a family where but his parents was of
different lifestyles,his mother was a god faring person and goes to church on a regular basis on the other hand his father was a sound system selector and would go to more dances and parties. One could arguably say its because of the difference in lifestyle of parents which causes them to be separated.

so in light of that he would visit his father while school was on holidays,upon visiting his father they
would go to dances together and from those experience he began to develop the real love for the music and
started writing more songs but he would still keep that talent to himself.It wasn’t until the 10th grade he
began to showcase his talent which he began going to recording studios to record and would perform in communities.

After leaving high school in 2006 his brother Damion STAR-D Benjamin who was by then a professional musician bassist was living in St.Andrew had developed an extra talent in making rhythms but it was until the death of
their mother in 2007 they came together and set on their musical journey. 

They worked together making rhythms and recordings from a home studio STAR-D PRODUCTION where they lived.

Their hard work began to pay off when their music began to
circulate in the community that they were living Waterford,Portmore. 
They continued their work and reaped more success when his song entitled (Mek Di Money) got its first air
play on one of Jamaica`s leading radio station Irie Fm by DJ Talia.

He continued being consistent and now he has quite a number of songs getting a lot of air rotation
songs like (Family Come First),(Wine up Yuh Body),(my Baby),(Spread Your Wings And Fly) just to name a few. 

Inspired by Reggae Legend Bob Marley ,Peter Tosh,Jacob Miller,Barrinton Levy,Sizzla Kolonji and a lot more
he set out to create History with god as his guide and leader.

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