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In 2009, when she
recorded her first single Can’t Breathe
for Arrows Recording, Denyque has since been dubbed “Supergirl” by
her fans; a moniker which she has proved that she most definitely
deserves.  Since her entrance, Denyque
has grown tremendously and has firmly stepped into the entertainment
stratosphere under the guidance and watchful eye of industry big-wig Jade Lee.

Denyque is not a stranger to the stage, as she
was a consistent contestant in the JCDC festivals since she was only 11 years
old. Now? She’s a singer and songwriter that totes around a level of maturity
far beyond her years.

An alumnus of the prestigious Belair High School
in Mandeville Jamaica, it’s hard to put this artiste in any one genre. I’m not
the most versatile artiste in the world & I don’t try to be; but I also
don’t want to be labeled. Label my music; but in the end, I am just a creative
being. I do music for the mind, body & soul, and that covers so many
emotions. After we do that, we can worry about the genre, she laughs. 

After releasing Can’t Breathe, she got a chance to work with renowned producer Don
Corleone. That collaboration gave birth to the single Pieces, which lit airwaves ablaze with its catchy melody and

The combined efforts of Denyque and her new management led to the young
songbird recording Summer Love,
produced by Neil Mitchell from Cashflow Records. The song was a 2010 hit. Summer Love ballooned on local charts
and began getting Denyque significant international airplay. Fans clamoured for
a video, and the artiste responded with her first video.

I believe showed growth and that I’m serious about being a part of
this industry and finding my spot in the shade, or in the sun (haha), Denyque

As 2010
progressed, the Supergirl was nominated for a host of awards, went on tour with
Nadine Sutherland, graced the Digicel Small Stage at Reggae Sumfest
(International Night 2) and was signed as an ambassador to LIME Jamaica.
In 2011,
Denyque copped her first award since starting her musical journey. She took
home the Excellence In Music (EME) award for Best New Artiste (2010). 

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The award
is highly respected and acclaimed throughout the Jamaican music industry. But that’s not the only first Denyque accomplished. A few weeks later she made her
debut on the African continent, performing for more than 4000 fans in Kenya at
their annual La Teeniez CHAT Awards where she gave an astounding performance.
Its an experience she wont soon forget, and one which she describes as “simply

returning from Africa, she went right back to recording and promoting her

Her singles “Hooked On
and “Supergirl”,
both produced by Jeremy Harding and Nigel Staff, had gained great momentum and
there was no stopping her. Denyque was also selected to collaborate with Chino
on his self-titled debut US album. 

The single, “Driving Me Insane”, which is a modernized version of
Shabba’s “Mr. Loverman” was
a HIT. It received the most listens on iTunes in just one week of the release.
The video, which was  shot by world
renowned video director Ras Kassa, was also on point.

continued throughout the year to wow audiences wherever she performed; just
give her a microphone, sit back, relax and be amazed. On International Night 2
at Reggae Sumfest 2011, the Supergirl landed on the Main Stage and was nothing
short of incredible. 

Later on in the year she honored a great music veteran,
Bob Andy, by singing a cover of his song “How
Does It Feel”
at an unplugged show dedicated to the man himself.
Denyque, again, received rave reviews.

started 2012 with a bang! Her newest single “Turn
My Music Up (Mr. DJ)”
is on fire and there’s so much more to come.
Denyque continues to work with talented producers like, Jeremy Harding (2Hard
Records), Neil Mitchell (Cashflow Records), Stephen McGregor (Big Ship
Records), Marlon Easy, Romeich Records and new comer Renzo (High Velocity
Productions) as she builds her catalogue of songs.

Ultimately, I’m just ready to show the entire world what I mean when I say
that, ‘I’m Your Supergirl’.


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