Bob Marley Statue Defaced

The defacement of the life-sized bronze statue of iconic reggae legend Bob Marley in Celebrity Park outside the National Stadium is a total disprespect. 
Security employees who man the entry to the National Stadium observed the colour on the statue on Wed morning hours, and considered that it was done after Tuesday’s football match between Jamaica and Costa Rica, which drawn 1-1.

They also speculated that the same paint used in defacing the statue was also used to deface the ticket office on Tuesday. 

Stadium Gardens Police Station
“Nobody has brought that to our attention, nobody has taken much
attention to this, and this is the first time I am hearing of this,”
officer said before holding the call to see the statue for himself.

Bob Marley Museum

Stephanie Marley

Managing Director at the Bob Marley Museum, Stephanie Marley, explained that she had also been oblivious to its defacement.

“I have no comment at this point because I wasn’t aware of this.
This is sad. I know it’s a bronze statue, and I don’t know how it is
going be cleaned,”
she said. 

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