Toni Braxton Loses Copyright Bid For 27 Songs

Toni Braxton was unsuccessful in her bid to buy back
27 of her most famous hits following an agreement with her trustees to
buy back material from her catalogue.

six-time Grammy Award winner was unsuccessful in her bid to buy back ownership
of some of her most famous hits – including You’re Making Me High, How Many
and Always – after finally making an agreement to resolve a bankruptcy
issue, including settling a debt of $150 000 last month

As part of
the agreement, Braxton was given the opportunity to buy back some of her
personal property by paying monthly instalments and enter an auction to
purchase the copyright of 27 tracks for $20 000 when they were put up for sale
on July 15 as long as as no one out-bid her

However a buyer by the name of Ross M. Klein doubled the offer made
by the 45-year-old singer meaning he now owns the rights and can profit
from the songs.
While Toni’s most famous hit ‘Unbreak My Heart’ is not to have been
included in the auction, the loss of her music still comes as a bitter
blow to the star after number of financial disputes with her trustees.
Toni,  who had previously filed for bankruptcy in 1996, had legal
trouble this year after her debtors had tried to claim $7 hundred and 54
thousand US dollars  in fees she earned for overseas performances. 
The singer and her trustee finally came to an agreement this week
and agreed to pay the 50 thousand US dollars she owed for the property
and 100 thousand US dollars from the performances.


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