Swiss Reveals Drive-In ‘Sex Boxes’ In Bid To Reduce Zurich’s Road Prostitution

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The city of Zurich will start out Switzerland’s first-ever drive in “sex boxes” the next day as part of a debatable make an effort to decrease commence road prostitution, secure sex employees and avoid organized criminal activity.
Nine of the so-called “sex boxes”, each prepared with alert control buttons, a protection officer existence, and able to provide only one car sometimes, are to start in its Sihlqai region where citizens have lengthy reported about on-street prostitution.

Herzig, a Zurich public solutions home who manages its sex employees, protected the move: “Prostitution is a business. We cannot prevent it, so we want to management it in favor of the sex employees and the inhabitants,” he said
“If we do not control it, organised crime and the pimps will take
over,” he added. Just over 52 per cent of Zurich’s voters approved of
plans to introduce sex-boxes in a referendum held in March last year.
The boxes cost the equivalent of €1.7m (£1.4m) to install and €560,000 a
year to run.
Ursula Kocher a spokeswoman for Zurich’s “Flora
Dora” prostitute support group told Agence France Presse she approved of
the sex boxes because they allowed women to remain on site and “deal
with customers quickly” rather than exposing them to potentially
dangerous situations by clients who took them elsewhere.
Switzerland’s popular right-wing Swiss People’s Party (SVP) opposes the
move. “It will not work, either because the clients will not come or
because the site will not be used by prostitutes, said Sven Dogwiler an
SVP politician. “It puts them in a cleaner environment but one which is
subsidised by taxpayers,” he added.
The Zurich sex box experiment
follows their largely successful introduction in Germany, where they
have been in operation in designated big city areas since 2001. They are
reported to have led to a “considerable drop” in violence against sex
But in Dortmund, a number of sex boxes installed in 2007,
were closed down in 2011 after they fell under the control of eastern
European gangs.

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