STONE LOVE – Former Agent Using Its Name To Secure Shows For Rookie Selectors

Irina Mossi Love Detective

Winston ‘Wee Pow’ Powell says the ‘immortal’ Stone Love like is now experiencing more difficulties in The united states because of Fake bookings. 
According to Wee Pow, his former booking agent, who he has not proved helpful with in the last 10 years, along with former workers, have been using the sound system name to be able to secured job opportunities. 

“They are undermining our name and using far inferior selectors to get bookings. The ex-employees are still piggy-backing on Stone Love’s name and it is developing issues. When we book a show, they would book a show near to the time frame that we have and promoters are disappointed about it because nobody wants to book a sound that has a time frame in vicinity to their time frame and location,” Wee Pow informed sources. 

He stated that the problem started after some of his selectors were denied work permits earlier this year. 

“The former booking agent has been informing potential promoters who want to book the genuine selectors that they can’t journey so they must use who is available. So that is how he is using the Stone Love’s name to get bookings. He is using the former workers, along with some younger ones, who they are coaching to get our bookings,” Wee Pow said.  

He informed THE STAR that only nine genuine selectors are under the Stone Love promotion Banner and are able to signify the sounds program. 

Only employees who are employed by me directly are able to represent Stone Love

  1. Diamond, 
  2. Bill Cosby, 
  3. Billy Slaughter, 
  4. GeeFus, Iceberg,
  5.  Fyah Ras,
  6.  Dwayne
  7. duos Jazzy J and Genius,
  8.  Scary Gary 
  9. TQ. 

Those are the selectors
that we use.” 

“The ex – employees that are getting wrong bookings can’t do a excellent occasion like the selectors I have now. Those ex – employees are not present and the younger ones they are self care are not doing up to traditional. Dem a standard water down di ting and bashing up the company.”

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