Sean ‘Seanizzle’ Reid Biography

Sean ‘Seanizzle’ Reid

His story is one built on
gumption and drive but can also be deftly summed up with the adage
‘talent is meaningless without passion’.
Graduating up the ranks
from teen selling mixed tapes to now one of dancehall’s most formidable
producers, Sean ‘Seanizzle’ Reid has indeed proven that he possesses
both talent and passion in overwhelming abundance.

Boasting an
intuitive love for music, Sean gained entry into the industry innocently
enough by selling dancehall and rap tapes to his friends, “In high
school, I was pretty much the formal authority on music. I listened to
just about everything and took a deep interest in how the whole sound
came together. From there I started to mess around with beat-making and
that perhaps was the real beginning of it all…” said Reid. 

foray to into building beats really paid off after friend, artiste and
producer Goofy a.k.a Mr. G heard one of his riddims in late 2004. Mr. G
praised the youngster for his style and flair and subsequently produced a
few tracks on the instrumental. Sean continued to build riddims,
expanding his growing musical palette until curiosity segwayed into
producing, “I enjoyed the whole process of making riddims however I
wanted to take it a step further and try my hand at producing and so in
2006 Seanizzle Records was born.”

Since then, Reid’s apt musical ear
has spawned several top productions and chart hits including Reverse
Riddim (Reverse Di Ting – Beenie Man, Siddung Pon It – Tony Matterhorn);
Creeper Riddim (Gully Creeper – Elephant Man); Survival Mode Riddim
(Nuh New Friend – Charly Black) and Split Personality Riddim (Nah Sell
Out Part II – Khago , Never Sober – Future Fambo, Rasta Ever Clean – I
Octane and Zamunda, Beat Them Bad – Mr. G, Pon Di Ting – Mavado, Suga
Plum -Beenie Man & Pretty Kitty) among others. However, whilst he
was building a steady portfolio with his productions, his big break
happened literally fell his lap, unpredictably ‘one day’.

distinctive lead in and feel-good tempo of the ‘One Day Riddim’ gave
Seanizzle Records a push that transcended international boundaries and
cemented Reid’s stake as a prolific hit producer. With all 8 tracks
(I’m Ok – Beenie Man; Nah Sell Out – Khago; Swaggariffic – Mr. G; Rum
and Red Bull – Beenie Man & Fambo; Don’t Tell Nuhbody – Twins of
Twins and Wifey Walk Out – Liquid) hitting and swinging hard as
independent hits, the popular riddim ruled the airwaves home and abroad
throughout summer 2010 and beyond . One of the tracks, Swaggariffic by
Mr. G was even adapted by South American telecommunications
giant, America Movil (Claro) as a Christmas jingle for its Jamaican
market, catapulting the riddim to renewed heights of fame. The catchy
production was also keen on displaying another side of Reid as he
shifted seamlessly from the producer’s chair to the mike, voicing the
riddim-titled track, ‘One Day’.

With the success of his own
recordings, Sean had assertively gained recognition as a budding
artiste, charting other tunes including ‘Shades’ on his self-produced
own Split Personality Riddim, ‘Feeling’z Dem A Carry’ and ‘Fresh Prince
of Belair’ on his own Dutty Gamez Riddim as well as ‘Another Yute Drop
Again’ on Soul Emotion Riddim for Troyton label, “I’ve been getting a
lot of positive feedback about my venture into recording and that’s
definitely a great feeling. Before I started doing it seriously, I used
to record demos on my riddims so to do it now professionally,
it feels very natural. In addition to doing tracks on my own label as
well as for other producers like Troyton and Warrior Music, I’ve been
doing some live performances including major stints like Reggae Sumfest
plus some travelling, so things have taken off pretty well” said Reid.

While he has begun to make waves on the mike, Reid’s true prowess lies
with his first love of producing, logging up to 12 hours a day in the
studio to crank out his unique productions and differentiate his style
from the pantheon of current producers, “The thing with music is that
you have to have an ear for it and allow it to flow without force,
pressure or rush. Most of the beats I create or the songs that are
recorded in my studio are just naturally inspired and I’m not trying to
follow up the success of the last riddim. My sounds are innovative but
at the same time versatile. Versatility shows how much you respect the
music and what you’re trying to do with it..very much like that of other
producers Steelie and Cleevie, Polow Da Don, Scott Storch or Bobby
Digital… it’s all about at the end of the day putting in major effort
to present quality sounds”.

Reid’s tenacity continues to be well
rewarded as he makes positive major moves, with project such as riddim
titled ‘Sex On The Beach’ featuring tracks from Seanizzle himself,
Beenie Man, I-Octane, Tarrus Riley, Wayne Marshall among others as well
as co-producer credits for ‘I Know You Want Me Remix’ with Mavado and
American R+B star Neyo.
Reid’s who won Producer of the year and was
honored Prince Producer in Music Industry Achiever Awards 2012, Reid’s
also won Top Producer of the year G.U.A Awards (in London. Sean is
aiming for more success with his latest projects Riddims titled ‘Brain
Storm’ featuring Alaine, Konshens, I Octane, TOK among others. ‘Psalm
37’ featuring Charly Black, Voice Mail, Bugle and among others, I
Octane- Gal A Gi Mi Bun Single and Collaboration with ‘Bounty Killer
& Richie Stevens’ 

A verified quadruple threat (song writer-artiste-sound engineer-producer),
Sean ‘Seanizzle’ Reid truly loves what he does and when the studio
light flashes on and his headphones are wrapped around his ears, he
converges his thoughts and focus to one single potent maxim that fuels
his passion and his success – “A producer is like a director, you help
to bring visions and ideas to life and that’s what I live for, to bring
musical ideas and beats to life.”

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