Mavado Fails To Take The Stage

Irina Mossi Love Detective

Jamaican dancehall artist Mavado last night declined to take the stage at the Slingerz Summer Jam organized at the National Stadium, Windfall because of assortment problems such as being transported to Guyana on a small airplane that saw him getting wet by rain.

Regarded as the ‘Gully God’, Mavado is set to express to his Guyanese fans this Afternoon why he did not keep the Princess Hotel last night. Sources have suggested that one of the concerns was him Sharing the stage with his Jamaican Dancehall Artist Tommy Lee. Mavado was obviously not knowledgeable that he was feature On The show.
The musician, who has entertained his Guyanese fans plenty of times before, has indicated that the promoter, Slingerz had guaranteed to offer a jet to transportation for him but instead it was a small airplane that showed up and it was very crowded for him and his 16-man team affiliates. The airplane remaining Jamaica at around 7 am yesterday but was compelled to make several stops to refuel and did not appear in Guyana until yesterday. On approaching the Ogle Worldwide International airport there was another problem as the promoter,did not get authorization for  The To Land and the airplane was urged to go to Trinidad. The airplane slowly was authorized to Land at around 10 yesterday. In the end the `Gully God’ just refused to Preform.

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