Kanye West Bought Two Bomb Proof Armored SUV’s

I think if you are Kanye West, you have to secure child North West by any indicates necessary, even if that needs you to plop down $2,000,000 dollars on two intensely armored SUV’s.
Kanye, who is been working with on again, off again problems with the press photographers in latest several weeks obviously desired to create a declaration and did so by buying two Dartz Prombron armored SUV’s from Latvia.

While one of the trips is a ‘cheaper’ edition (only about $800K or so) the more costly of the two, the ‘Prombron Metal Diamond’ design (valued roughly at $1.2 million) is able to hold up against strikes from landmines and rocket-propelled grenades, because that is exactly what you need generating around the roads of Calabasas, Florida. You never know why you might run into the “Bieber”.
The ‘cheaper’ edition is basically a spiced up edition of what the Chief executive of the U. s. Declares comes around in. On the plus side, being the good husband he is, West has requested
Dartz to expedite the shipping of the vehicles so baby momma Kim
Kardashian can have one before Yeezus begins his US tour this October.
So why the need for the extra secure vehicles? Because of crazies like you and I, who just can’t leave Kanye and Kim alone. Duh.

“Kanye is fully aware that his new family is so
high-profile they attract the attention of weirdos and psychopaths,”
said the source. “He aims to leave nothing to chance.
“His priority is to get delivery of the vehicles, especially Kim’s, before he begins his US tour in October.”

As if the armored trucks weren’t enough, there will be two full time bodyguards employed to stay with the truck.

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