Jason Morgan Should Be Selected On Jamaica’s Team To The World Championships In Moscow.

Irina Mossi Love Detective

Warren Blake the President of the JAAA had stated that there was no
chance of Jason Morgan being selected as part of the Jamaican team to
the World Championships in Moscow next month.

When one considers that Mr. Morgan is ranked #11 in the world and that
twelve persons go through to the final of a field event, it stands to
reason that Mr. Morgan has a very good chance of making the final and as
we know once you make the final anything is possible. When it is also
noted that he is the only Jamaican now eligible to compete in the Discus
event at the World Championships, one has got to ask why he is not
being selected.

Dr. Blake says that the reasons given by Mr. Morgan for not attending
the Trials were not sufficient for him to be included and there is no
case to be made for him but I would have thought that if you are a
Permanent Resident of the United States and live there with your family
and you are given a date for the swearing in ceremony to become a
citizen, and it is scheduled in the week of the trials; and as a result,
you are without any travel documents because you had to turn in your
Green Card before the swearing in ceremony and your American passport
would not be ready in time; then Dr. Blake should explain why that is
not a good enough reason.  And furthermore, Mr. Morgan did advise the
JAAA President in writing as to his situation and is not just bringing
this matter to their attention after the fact.

In the event that the JAAA think that their position is bolstered by
the fact that Mr. Morgan has only attained the “B” standard, albeit that
he has thrown 65.94 m which is just 6 cm shy of the “A” standard, it
should be noted that this event is not like the 100 m in which there are
hundreds of athletes who have attained the “A” standard , and someone
who has not attained the “A” standard in the 100 m has as much chance as
the proverbial snowball in hell of advancing to a semi-final much less a
final; that is not the case in the discuss event otherwise Mr. Morgan
could not be ranked #11 with his throw of 65.94 m.

If you have the privilege to lead an organization such as the JAAA,
in which you have the responsibility to nurture the talents of the
Jamaican people and to ensure that our best athletes represent us at the
highest level, you will be faced with situations for which your manual
does not have a ready solution, but that does not mean that the decision
is a difficult one.  I believe that leaders can be best judged not so
much on how they handle the difficult situations, because mistakes will
be made, but on how they handle the simple situations because when you
get the simple ones wrong that is the best indicator that you do not
deserve to be the leader.

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