Is America Turning Into A Third World Country

Is United states patriotism exaggerated? What is the actual condition of well being in the US? Can the nation manage its democracy marketing effort? And, is it possible that The united states is becoming a third globe country? CrossTalking with Henry Szamuely and Charles Blase.
The evidence is all around us:
Our industrial system is evaporating, taking with it the type of tasks that have established the central source of our economical system for more than a century; our knowledge system is in shambles, making it tougher for tomorrow’s employees to obtain the information and training it needs to area good twenty-first millennium jobs; our infrastructure our streets, our connects, our sewer and water, our transport and electric systems is crumbling; our economical system has been decreased to repeating periods of Organizations Gone Wild; our governmental program is damaged, in thrall to a small economical top level using the power of the chequebook to managing both events.

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And The united states’ middle-class, the car owner of so much of our financial success and governmental balance, is quickly vanishing, pushing us to deal with the worry that we are falling as a country that our children and grand kids will enjoy less possibilities and face a lower quality of life than we did.
It’s the dark flipside of the American Dream an American Nightmare of our own making.  
Arianna Huffington, who, with the must-read Huffington Publish, has her handy on the beat of The united states, unflinchingly paths the constant death of The united states as an commercial, governmental, and economic innovator.  In the line of thinking of her fantastic top seller Hogs at the Trough, Third World The united states points fingertips, Third World America points fingers, names names, and details who’s killing the American Dream. 
Lastly, contacting on the can-do mind-set that is aspect of The united states’ DNA, Huffington reveals accurately what we need to do to quit our freefall and keep The united states from converting into a third world country. 

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