Illuminati Cloning Demonic Celeberties

Weirdness viewers will be only too aware that the occult has seeped into the press well-known over the last few decades. The nexus of strangeness that was once great occultism has a record comprising many thousands of years, but over the Last millennium it approved from being the unique protect of (mostly English) eccentrics into a professional press trend.

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The term ‘occult’ itself indicates anything unseen and scary – but how unseen is the occult these days, when you can buy pre-written indicates and cheerful beginners’ books to miracle in almost any standard bookstore? And just as bookshop racks were colonised by headings published to slimmer young wizards, primetime television spots were loaded with unreal vampire-slayers and professional ghost-hunters. The picture of the occult became domest­icated and qualified – defanged, as it were. Where the topic once had the power to shock and scare the inexperienced, now only a vestigial frisson of risk continues to be.

But lately the fringe movement globe has started to change the occult, reinventing its deeper roots and moving it in more common configurations. The demon has not so much ridden out as shifted into style, movies and pop music. The old visuals of goat’s, virgins and scrappy chalk pentagrams has been changed by a subtler and more innovative language. Virgins keep be misused, but traditions no more depend on liquids gathered from altars in old chapels. Spells are not chanted or attracted on parchment. Instead – so the recently produced record goes – traditions are marketed in the press and conducted out to loaded viewers in massive stadia, with worldwide satell­ite protection for those viewing at home. Like an incredible number of other people, you may have taken aspect in an occult habit without even knowing it…

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At the top of the occult chart of new globe wicked are the Illuminati – less a clan of hammy Victorian ritualists, more a dynastic system dedicated to the ethical and psych­ological devastation of their sufferers and the marketing of worry, sociopathic self-centeredness and bestial sex. Gifted with a completely perfected feeling of black paradox, the Illuminati particularly enjoy showing the very symptoms and symptoms of their management in community to effect the mixed subconscious.

A key aspect of the new conspiranoia is a extreme restatement of the Illuminati’s is designed, techniques and objective declaration. Older forteans are likely to have attached to remembrances of the Illuminati’s previously well-known visibility in John Anton Wilson and John Shea’s Illuminatus! trilogy. Wilson – who was or was not a high-level start, based on whom you ask – represented the Illuminati as something like a harsh key community of occult center supervisors. Their newest reinvention is very much deeper. Promoted by conspiracists like Bob Icke, the 21st-century perspective of the new black miracle connections together CIA mind-control techniques with both obvious and secret army and governmental functions. While army and governmental regulators strategy and perform functions of financial and actual terrorism, a community propaganda machine programs annoying, destruct­ive and degrading impacts through the globe of style, the record companies and the constantly bright and disordered way of life of Hollywood’s affluent.

Claims of Satanic effect in stone music are hardly new. Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page infamously purchased Aleister Crowley’s Boleskine House beside Loch Liness, and the Moving Rocks were advertising “Sympathy for the Devil” through the Sixties and ’70s. But the newest rebirth of attention in occult-influenced press has shifted the concentrate away from individual artists and towards an unseen system of handlers, supervisors, psychiatrists and assisting ‘creatives’. In this new perspective, superstars and well-known artists are sufferers of the fringe movement, not its management. According to fringe movement researchers, many stars and artists, such as almost every well-known name in the company, have given up their independence unwillingly. They now reside in a type of evening globe where their activities are handled and their press way of life is properly stage-managed to advertise Illuminati visuals – and to keep the community targeted on taking it.

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The indicates of management and coercion used by Illuminati handlers are more psychological than actual. According to Icke, the Illuminati are enclosed in habit, cold-blooded misuse, territorial possessiveness of resources and people and top-down financial and governmental power. Icke has stepped returning from his statements that the Illuminati are basically peculiar reptile people, morphing into their true type when upset or pressured (see FT129:30–31). His curr­ent perspective is that the peculiar reptiles reside in a close by sizing and manipul­ate the World via their hench-people, aristocratic bloodlines basically married to polit­ical and economical benefit and dedicated to individual, governmental and economical deterioration and amorality. According to one self-proclaimed bloodline participant who content consistently on the Bob Icke discussion boards, misuse also condit­ions the next generat­ion of Illuminati bloodline management so that they will be ready and willing to proceed that strategy. The conspiracy is handled inner through a impressive mentality of callous issue and inner killing. Only the most aggressive people endure to reach roles of power and effect, and they can be changed whenever they want by a more effective and callous opponent.

These occult criminal activity family members implement pressured prostitution, purposeful psychological malfunction, and complete psychological management to further their strategy. Some of the most questionable recommendations come from people who declare to be former sufferers of the mind-control conspiracy, and provide stories of methodical and ritualised pædophilia and sex-related misuse, designed to purposely destroy the thoughts of sufferers into compartmentalised and certified sub-personalities known as ‘alters’.

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Icke affiliate Phoenix Wilder statements to have been involved in planning habit misuse for the Illuminati until she remaining to become a whistle-blower on the fringe movement field. According to Wilder, misuse is ritualised, representational and methodical, and performs a key aspect to promote the Illuminati strategy. A similar tale is recurring by Tabatha O’Brien, who statements to be a sufferer of a CIA mind-control program known as MONARCH, which was – and apparently still is – a subunit of the well known Cool War MK-ULTRA. This program is a issue of histori­cal record, supported up by offic­ial records, but in O’Brien’s two books, The Tranceformation of The united states and Access Denied: For Factors of Nationwide Security, she statements that people are purposely tormented with medication and other types of both sex-related and psychological misuse until they dissociate into several individualities which can then be molded at will.

So is the record companies handled by inter-dimensional lizards? Obviously so.

Unlike most organizations, the Illuminati have occult skills and arcane information, as well as a high level knowing of psycho­logy which goes beyond the weak marketing boosterism of beneficial thinking and PR. The Illuminati run everything – such as the music, TV and movie sectors. By induce pictures and creating tasks which enhance their own way of amorality, the Illum­inati can effect entire communities and enhance their reptilian principles of methodical misuse, pathological self-centredness and callous competitors.

This creates superstars very useful to them. The mark­eting value of superstar is worth enormous amounts, which is why well-known brands appear on the appearance of everything from cereal products to vehicles, attracting their supporters into buying the formally accepted choices of their idols. But less beneficial occult make use of is also possible. Rather like voodoo baby dolls, Illuminati experts of magic and psychiatrists keep psychological hooks into their pet superstars, both for the immediate satisfaction of immediate sadism and because the huge attention targeted on superstars exchanges and increases the tort­ure for the community at huge. If the training begins to slide, as sometimes it does, superstars can always be given up to create an upwelling of well-known feelings that is hugely useful in habit miracle.

Central to this new way of conspiranoia is the fact that creativity and attention are the most precious of occult products. According to conspiracist Matthew Delooze, music celebrations and other press activities provide possibilities for the growing of individual power. In the same way that Bob Icke’s reptilians keep an exciting similarity to the reptile people shown in the 1980’s sci-fi sequence V, Delooze’s human-harvesting reflects moments in the Nineteen seventies TV sequence Quatermass, where aliens persuade teenagers to collect in huge categories and then collect them for food. The Delooze re-imagining represents that psychological power is more useful to unseen organizations than actual areas of the body, but the concept of people as willing feed continues to be recognisable. Properly enough, in the TV sequence, the most eye-catching places for community habit compromise are holy sites like Stonehenge and Glastonbury, and massive stadia like Wembley.

Delooze considers that music celebrations and very community fatalities like those of Queen Diana and Eileen Fitzgibbons are similarly useful. Glastonbury may be the greatest feel-good occasion, but the way of life of a chart stage and the use of ‘ley lines’ sugg­ests that it’s up to no excellent. This may mix up heirs of the unique occasion field, who saw celebrations as places for 100 % free appearance away from the firm principles of a Cool War way of life. It may also shock heirs of the 1980’s and 90’s, who saw celebrations and brags as places where common people could evade from perform and authoritarianism at none-too legal gatherings; in addition to researchers of well-known cult­ure, who have tracked the family tree that results in modern-day celebrations returning to rowdy community exhibitions and marketplaces, some of which date to mediæval periods.

To Delooze-ians this is all aspect of the story. Members think they are having fun, when really they are being mind-controlled and controlled. Media marketing of festiv­als and superstar information blocks viewers inside an psychological globe where they can be herded from encounter to encounter like village creatures. Others have recommended that all press content is Illuminati-controlled for highest possible occult benefit, whether it’s Stay World or protection of Britney Spears’s newest malfunction.

The continuous and purposeful encouragement of occult symptoms in the press has the dual effect of increasing their effect and also showing the controllers’ purpose before their unsuspecting sufferers. But none of this is entirely key, and it’s a function of the new occultism that the symptoms are noticeable to those who can understand them. Conspiracy viewers such as the Pseudo Occult Media weblog have become excessive supporters of superstar information, deconstructing music movie clips, style images and movies to expose unseen Illuminati symptoms.

Most of this meaning is not apparent to strangers. Conventional pentagrams and pyramids do sometimes appear, but colors, forms, corpor­ate images and other components are just as promin­ent and highly effective. Even photography illumination techniques can carry a message: for example, a encounter in darkness, which emphasises the duality and splitting of black and light character components. In the same way, a monarch butterfly icon on clothing, design or body art designs supports the MK-ULTRA MONARCH program.

Devotees of occult celebrity-spotting declare that not only are superstars designed and programmed, they are also duplicated and genetically designed to reveal a eye-catching mixture of excellent looks. Illuminati technology is decades ahead of our own, so their researchers can create inherited superstars to purchase, endowed with a perfect eye-catching mixture of sex-related charm and actual attraction.

Where traditional lovers try to keep up with the connections and way of life trends of their idols, occult-spotters look for evidence of unable development. The habit of superstar rehabilitation is taken as a sure sign that training is splitting down, and encouragement quickly needed. If the situation is remaining unwatched to, then a well-known name might start performing irrationally, perhaps even resulting in a community occasion that reveals their misuse. The greatest success for spotters would be a tell-all community confess­ion – but this never happens.

Instead, most superstars are efficiently re-conditioned and “Stepforded”. Just like the Stepford Partners in the book and movies of the same name, Stepforded superstars obtain traditional family principles and become pliably automatic. Compared with the movies, this procedure is not restricted to females. Any individual who cannot be reprogrammed can always be changed by a more obedient duplicate, or given up in community with a photoshopped devastation or killing.

This may increase a question or two in the thoughts of sceptics. There is no evidence that cloning is possible, never thoughts likely. And sceptics might also wonder how it’s possible to tell the difference between the styles and access­ories available in any clothing store and formal Illuminati-approved mind-control clothing. It does not take an professional information of style to see that many of the mentioned symptoms and pictures are typical to the factor of being common. Butterfly pictures and leopard-print materials are extensive enough to be clichés in their own right. So how can these be pictures of mind-control?

The key seems to be that what celebrit­ies use is evidence of their mind-control, and common females – and sometimes men – duplicate them to strengthen their own servant position. Wearing a butterfly body art or a leopard-print miniskirt might seem like safe fun, but actually it reveals a desire to adjust and to support the Illuminati strategy of pædophilia and designed psychological devastation. Mind-controlled superstars are clothed purposely by minders to show these pictures, both to strengthen the training of the superstars themselves, and to symbolise the way of life of their training to the relax of us.

For non-believers, this new occult fringe movement concept appears to be like weird misconception, but effectively disproving the values of Icke and Delooze changes out to be more complicated than it might seem, because traditional truth is at least as unusual as some of the experiences being told about it.

The MK-ULTRA program certainly persisted. Documents confirm that for nearly two decades the CIA tried hypnotism, hallucinogens and other medication and a pro­cess known as “psychic driving”. Developed by Dr Ewen Cameron, who went on to become the first chair of the World Psychological Assoc­iation, intuitive driving used audiotape sectors along with medication to ‘suggest’ behavioral changes. Cameron gradually developed a more intense strategy known as de-patterning, which added electro-convulsive treatment and blood insulin coma to the harmful mix of psychiatric misuse. Cameron’s attention was for schizophrenia; but he conducted around with easily, with CIA financing, on people with relatively minimal psychological problems, such as light depressive disorders and anxiety.

Cameron’s grisly analysis and other areas of the MK-ULTRA program are a issue of traditional record, but in 1973 CIA Movie director Wealthy M Helms requested all MK-ULTRA information damaged. What exactly is known about MK-ULTRA is known almost inadvertently, as a storage cache of records, most of which were economical rather than functional, live through the cull because they were kept in a individual location.

Critics of mind-control custom condition cate­gorically that there is no evidence of a program known as MONARCH. But when most of the primary resources are not available, it becomes difficult to be sure which techniques were used and which were not. The MK-ULTRA analysis seems to have been recognized by a important deficiency of attention in medical or psychiatric values. When an experienced doctor chips the minds of sufferers with currents 30 periods higher than those used in traditional ECT, and does this without their approval, it’s not unreasonable to ask just where MK-ULTRA experimenters were willing to sketch the line between ethical and illegal behavior.

More lately, experiences of methodical pain and misuse in army jails have pressured the present US management to designate a unique district attorney. Simultaneously, former US authorities have confessed that worry risk levels were purposely controlled for governmental reasons. So, from one perspective, it’s obvious that the promot­ion of worry and misuse have sometimes been reinforced at govt stage. And if you believe Delooze, pain has an occult purpose too. The aim of pain is not to obtain intellect, but to debase its sufferers, create worry, and, most of all, to concentrate community attention on the risk of unreasonable and all-consuming misuse.

The style and press planets are similarly unwholesome. Speculation of sex-related favors, not always non-reflex, are typical in modell­ing, performing and style photography. In addition, there’s no question that these are naturally risky careers. Innovative press can feature a lot of well-known brands – most lately Eileen Fitzgibbons and Bob Carra­dine – who were either killed or dedicated devastation, often in unusual and questionably effective ways.

But how much of the traditional record is traditional decadence and malfunction, and how much is evidence of organized conspiracy? Conspiracy concepts can only be successful when information are either missing or purposely ignored. Story reasoning always reveals community desires and worries, and at the moment the community has a lot to experience afraid of. In the same way that traditional Satanism and the occult were the unnameable evening risks of past years, contemporary stresses live both in and behind the press. Celebrities are amazing because they are envied and need to be introduced down from their pedestals; but they also stand in for our idealised picture of how way of life should be, and our worries of how it really is.

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And so it should come as no shock that creative reinterpretations of press effect now are plentiful. During the Shrub decades, weird truth became unfamiliar person than fict­ion. But even before then, the standard Bohemian aspect of superstar was becoming repetitive. Sex, medication, and the periodic well-known cops break have become formul­aic waypoints on the direction to reputation, and the only people still stunned by them are likely to be seniors or uncommonly spiritual. The relax of the inhabitants has shifted on, and many people are now wilder in private (and sometimes in public) than the subversive celebrities of 40 decades ago ever were. Morality, as well as becoming laxer, have also become more nakedly exploitative.

So perhaps the greatest hint to the new fear is the level to which mistrust of the regulators and the press is native to the island. Expected power numbers such as lenders and political numbers have proven themselves to be damaged at best, and psychotic at most severe. It’s not difficult to see how movie visuals – from interdimensional fear-eating reptiles to automatic spouses and key cultures – can be constructed into a regular narrative of top-down malevolence and press management. In this perspective, sacrificial superstars are not unique people, or even unique sufferers – they are just like the relax of us.

Pseudo-occult press blog
David Icke discussion boards (See especially the Stepford Partners line in the Symbolism/Mind Control/Subliminal Programming folder)
Matthew Delooze
Vigilant Resident blog

1 Butterfly body art designs, clothing, straps, caps, and other style accessories; evidence of mind-control because they make reference to the MK-Ultra Venture Monarch function.
2 Grayscale checker­boards or lines symbolise duality and good/evil. A more simple difference on this concept is the inventory symbol picture which conceals 50 percent of a star’s encounter in darkness.
3 Decorative mirrors and damaged cup signify the way the brain is damaged and mirr­ored during psychological pain. Replicated individualities signify unseen ‘alters’ who can be created to come to light area at will with appropriate induce visuals.
4 Big kitties, such as tigers, panthers and tigers, and household kitties which are usually black or white-colored and spiky rather than comfortable. Leopard-print clothing also is eligible. The concept is that intense vaginas recommend animalistic sex-related desires.
5 Hello Pet toys and games are a more idiotic edition of the same idea. Remarkably, the City Vocabulary explains Hello Pet as a “Japanese mass-casualty weapon… Physicians notify that even low-level visibility may cause a completely sound thoughts to break.”
6 Birdcages, stores and other meaning of jail time signify actual and psycho­logical nipple play in a very actual way.
7 Light red, violet and spectrum colours: it’s difficult to see these as scary, but violet appear to be used to strengthen development. The spectrum symbolizes psychological splitting.

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8  Toy meaning often seems to be in style launches to strengthen the mind-controlled characteristics of a design, who can be presented at will.
9 The Marilyn Monroe look, golden-haired and traditional, is evidence that a lady has been ‘Stepforded’ and no more has any character.
10 And lastly, photo­graphers, developers and direct­ors sometimes succ­umb to negligence and include some occult symptoms such as pentagrams, pyramids (with and without the Eye of Horus), horned creature skulls, and other acquainted requirements.

10 Robbie Williams
Robbie Williams has offered a lot of mat­erial for weird-watchers generally, from his getaway from music into an attraction with fringe movement concepts and UFOs (heck, he even increased a Mulder facial beard directly out of the last X-Files movie) to his unusual newest ‘comeback’ overall look on The X-Factor. Williams’s unusual, wild-eyed performance on the show triggered a lot of bemused speculat­ion from the community, but for occult celebrity-spotters, it all created feeling – Williams was showing the traditional symptoms and symptoms of dissociation they would seen in many mind-controlled celebrities lately. And a quick movie through his newest outcome apparently verifies their doubts about his occult leanings: his logo (as seen in the “Sin, Sin, Sin” video) is created up of the correspondence ‘R’, a quest­ion indicate and the all-seeing Eye of Horus; in a newest meeting, he discussed having “multiple personalities”; while it clip for the music “Radio” even saw him shape-shifting into a Reptilian alien! However, Robbie’s avowed attention in fringe movement concepts saw him publishing on the Bob Icke boards, where discussion rages increasingly about his actual motivat­ions. So: Illuminati servant, would-be whistleblower or just another resale in the game? The court is still out on Robbie.

9 Stephen Gately
Michael Jackson’s high-profile loss of life was not the only pop celebrity loss of life connected to the occult fringe movement in newest years; Specialist Tupac Shakur is supp­osed to have remaining a number of musical show symptoms indicating that he was killed by the Illum­inati (or was not deceased at all, just concealing from them). But would the experts around the globe really stoop to thumping off a one-time participant of Boyzone?

Well, maybe. His profession was loaded with the type of meaning that represents out a mind-controlled celeb: First of all, Boyzone – like most manufact­ured boy- or girl-bands had five members – a important occult number (how many points on a pentagram? Go figure.), and the combo’s logo emphas­ised dark/light duality, as did their clearly occult get-up of, er, white-colored covers and black pants. He showed up in a movie known as Credo (aka The Devil’s Curse), in which five learners tried to call for Belial. And if anyone was in any question, it was Gately’s panto and musical show tasks that exposed the terrible truth. Enjoying the Scarecrow in The Expert of Oz was the first free gift – having no minds being an itemized concept for having been MK’d by the Illuminati – while the aspect of the Childcatcher in Chitty Chitty Hit Bang (penned by Ian Fleming, whose Connection books and their movie adapt­ations are chock-full of occult symbolism) is an apparent gloating nod to the pædophilic sex jewelry run by the Illumin­ati organization. And Daily Mail journalist Jan Moir just believed he was gay…

8+7 Beyoncé and Jay-Z
There had always been speculat­ion in occult celebrity-spotting sectors that Beyoncé was a device of the Illuminati. Her performance at the 2007 BET Prizes was seen as containing meaning making reference to the robot-woman Nancy in Fritz Lang’s City, but when her 2008 record I Am Sasha Fierce… was published, the conspiranoiacs nodded her head sagely to one another. Sasha Fierce was not just a stage modify ego, but could be evidence of “an artist taken over by wicked to obtain success”. Songs and movie clips from the record exposed the battle between Nice Woman Beyoncé and Evil Software Beyoncé, while her marri­age the same season to unintentionally owned and operated Masonic rapper Jay-Z – whose continuous blinking of occult symptoms in side activities had already created him a company preferred among the cognoscenti – was the clever frosting on the dessert.

If there was an Illuminati edition of Hello! Journal, this would have been their superstar wedding of the season.

6 Britney Spears
Britney’s unusual behavior is famous newspaper deacyed plant material, but her numerous failures, flip-outs and style mishaps apparently all tell their own unseen tale. A one-time Disney MouseKeteer (MK), Britney was apparently exposed to mind-control from an beginning age. Her first body art was a butterfly (Monarch programming) and her music headings (“Hit Me Baby” and “I’m a Slave 4 U”) involved obvious resources to her destiny. Warrior spears was groomed as the next Illum­inati pop great priestess, a procedure which clim­axed in a community habit conducted at the MTV awards, in which Madonna (yes, supposedly another MK sufferer but seriously getting a bit past it) raised Britney to her new stage in the wicked structure in a perverted lesbian wedd­ing in which bridegroom Madge carried a Worshipful Master’s top hat and enclosed the wedding with a much-reported same-sex hug.

It did not perform out though, and rather than modifying the diminishing Illuminati King, Britney wigged out (apparently many stars’ programm­ing begins to fall short at around age 30). Things came to a very community go when the malfunct­ioning starbot examined out of rehabilitation, stepped into a beauty and locks salon and said, “I want my locks shaved off.” The sheared Shears triggered a press feeling, but the actual tale was about more than unusual tonsorial decisions: head-shaving appear to be something that many ‘multiples’ have done when trying to evade their programming: “The locks symbolizes the fashion stylist, the handlers and those who are in management of her way of life and handle her looks.” There was no evade for Hairless Britney, though; she may now be a ‘failed’ replace Madonna – Woman Crazy is the present Illumin­ati pin-up – but the pain, as Honest Zappa said, never stops…

5 Miley cyrus Cyrus
Twins and enhances function a lot in the mind-controlled celebrity mythos – from a interest with Dr John Mengele’s double tests (according to conspiracists, he was both an Illumin­ati operator and a Rothschild, of course!) to a eager attention in pop celebrities and their modify moi. Miley cyrus Cyrus and her ‘alter’ Hannah Mt (as well as being a risky nuisance to father and mother’s wallets) is a traditional example, memorably described by the Pseudo Occult Media weblog as “The Mind-Controlled Disney Slave from Sirius”.

The TV sequence Hannah Mt celebrities Cyrus as one who way of life a key dual way of life – a normal schoolgirl by day, and the titular, pretty-in-pink (and occult purple) pop celebrity by evening. The splitting of Miley cyrus is confirmed by her alter’s name – Hannah is the same in reverse as sends, similar to the continuous reflecting we see in pop movie clips – and by their different locks colors (further dark/light checker­board symbolism). Miley cyrus Cyrus’s actual name is also signific­ant, remembering ‘Sirius’, the Dog Star, which in turn symbolizes the pentagram of the Masons, while even her dad’s center name – that is the ‘Ray’ in Billy Ray Cryus – offers up more Masonic Solar power meaning for those in the know.

The proven truth that Miley/Hannah has often been seen sporting butterfly symptoms on her clothing, access­ories and web page fairly much clinches it for one blogger: “She is basically (in conditions of her MK programming) some way of business worldwide Lolita robot” being used to culturally professional young ladies for their aspect as Illuminati sex slaves and reptilian reproduction inventory.

4 Rihanna
Occult celebrity-spotters have mentioned that most of Rihanna’s newest movie clips coldly implement the visuals of black/white checker­boards, one-eye-covered close-ups, as-above-so-below presents (one arm up, one arm down) and all the acquainted features of nipple play and sex-related enslavement, but who would have believed that the infernally appealing music “Umbrella” involved a lot of symptoms as to Rihanna’s mind-controlled status?

In truth, being “under the umbrella” is just another way of saying “possessed by the Devil”. Specialist Jay-Z’s starting invit­ation to Beyonce is not an provide of protect­ion against life is metaphor­ical terrible climate but could be considered as an itemized invit­ation for her to be a part of him as one of the ‘chosen’, the key Illuminist top level who will drive out the stormy climate of worldwide economic downturn (rhymes with possession… hmm), while the relax of us are just lizard-fodder for the fringe movement. Other lines – such as the creepy occult chanting of “ella… ella” and the unusual use of the phrase ‘entity’ seem to recommend that Beyonce is more than happy to be MK’d in return for Illumin­ati ‘protection’.

And there are many more symptoms in it clip, where Beyonce seems to be in both black and white-colored clothing (split into excellent and wicked selves; check the record headline – Good Woman Gone Bad), dances with a phallic outdoor offset umbrella and gets applied with gushes of CGI water – or, as the Cautious Resident web page has it: “The fluid strikes her a complete of 6 periods. We then see Beyonce undressed, protected in chrome-coloured fluid. Beyonce has been raped by the Devil and protected with his sperm.” Eww.

And an similarly vigilant poster on YouTube identified a subliminal audio picture (at 2.46) in which the Devil-sauce-glazed pop celebrity types the picture of Baphomet’s go within a pyramid: “Hair types the nose, shoulder area type the eyes, hands type the horns. Very ‘not cool’ having fun with the subconscious thoughts of viewers like that!” Quite.

3 Simon Cowell
He may not be a pop celebrity himself, but skills show puppet-master Cowell obviously draws the post on programs like the extremely effective X-Factor (known to conspiracy-watchers as The Hex Aspect and even the The Osiris Factor). He has been criticised by (presumably non-MK’d) artists like Hurt as a risky power against all that is excellent and natural in music. But could his wicked power go beyond adjusting the thoughts of the English public? Is he a significant player in the conspiracy? A reptilian, even? While the Bob Icke boards were lashed into a condition of enjoyment by a picture of a beaming Cowell driving a jet ski embellished with a Masonic icon, evidence has been blotchy at best. Then, information came in that Cowell had chosen this season’s X-Factor winner’s single – and it was none other than Miley cyrus Cyrus’s Hannah Mt hit “The Climb”. Situation shut.

2 Eileen Jackson
The delayed Eileen Fitzgibbons was, according to some blogg­ers, a mind-controlled device of the fringe movement from an beginning age; his perform, they declare, was pepp­ered with resources to the New World Order and symptoms to his training, while his Illuminati miss­ion was to be the poster boy for “narcissism, onanism, androgyny and lgbt pædophilia”. Self-proclaimed former Illuminati lackey Kathleen Sullivan mentioned that she had “absolutely no doubt” that Fitzgibbons was “an MK-ULTRA variety slave… [in] their unusual ‘system’ of spooks, commercialised pædophilia and more…” Another weblog mentioned that Jacko had a near connection with a man sometimes described as his ‘personal magic­ian’ and going by the name of Spectacular the Magnific­ent (or sometimes the even more exposing Majestik Spectacular – how obvious could this guy be?) and believed that Spectacular may have been more than just a con­juror and probably “some sort of CIA Monarch mind-control handler”…

In the light of his backstory – properly bred and stage-managed for popularity by the child-abusing Illuminati top level – all Whacko Jacko’s following unusual behavior – from modifying his overall look to creating his child­ren use covers and avoid mirrors – becomes explicable with regards to his efforts to escape of his developers. Musically, this was signalled by his move into Mess­ianic method – “Earth Song” and the published tip-off “They Don’t Care About Us” – but Fitzgibbons was playing a risky activity and it was only a issue of your power and effort before his handlers shifted in, destroying his profession with kid misuse alleg­ations. Fitzgibbons retreated into Neverland. As one community poster wrote: “somebody with a fed up feeling of humor purposely designed him to be a living Pinocchio, who is [sic] one desire in way of life was to become a ‘real boy’… (Geppetto was a pedo [sic]… talk about another revel­ation of Illum­inati development in simply vision.) In such cases they actually surg­ically cut off Pinocchio’s nose…”

But Jackson’s revolt against the fringe movement could not succeed; his strategy to expose the Illuminati’s key strategy to his an incredible number of lovers in a return trip was cut short, say the occult conspiracists, when he was killed by his remotes.

1 Woman Gaga
Of all the artists designated for Illuminati hyperlinks, none currently gets more line inches wide and web strikes than Woman Crazy. Doyenne of the spark-shooting fembot electro-bra which out-nippled 80s-vintage Madonna, Crazy seems like a factory-made embodiment of the conspiracy of cultiness – a knowing personification of occult meaning, with one of the oddest and most distressing personæ in any well-known creative industry, mixing some of the moderate Chris Pan creepiness of Eileen Fitzgibbons, the in-your-face pseudo-fascism of Marilyn Manson, and the shrink-wrapped and battery-farmed sex of Beyonce and Beyoncé.

Defenders recommend she is playing the popularity activity purposely, marketing the dislike and milking the scandal, following in an historical custom that namechecks Elvis, the Moving Rocks and the Beatles.

As the self-styled Fame Beast, Crazy statements to have more in typical with the glamorous stone spang­les of Bob Bowie and King, and the bright but ridicul­ous way of life of fashionistas like Donatella Versace, than with key occult cultures and CIA-run mind-control programs. Videos from beginning in her profession confirm that she can play and perform traditional violin ballads with a powerful stage way of life, in need of support by bogus blood vessels, bogus habit, bare skin, or auto-tuned words. And she is not missing IQ – she statements In german magical poet Rainer Nancy Rilke as an effect, and wrote documents about art, relig­ion, and sociology while learning at the famous Tisch School of the Artistry in New You are able to.

And yet, there is no doubting that she is also the King of Strange. In less than a season, she has shifted from being an unidentified to the fringe movement blogosphere’s preferred pin-up, ticking all of the containers of mentioned representational Illuminati give-aways. While many artists recommend and sign, Crazy seems to enjoy strangeness, connecting herself in her movie clips and activities with seeing stars, pockets, rainbows, hyper-sexualised baby dolls, spiders, puppets, cats, slaves, and qualified murderers. She continually seems to be in images creating noticeable activities that occult conspiracists understand as resources to the all-seeing eye.

And why was she chosen for the Queen’s Elegant Control Performance last year? Presumably as one reptile princess being compensated by another – although in the post-event images it’s difficult not to be hit by the comparison between the red latex-clad Crazy in her mock-demure exciting red evening dress and misused panda eye make-up, and the more traditionally clothed actual King.

The great factor for Gaga-watchers was last season’s MTV VMA wedding, where she was given an prolonged port for a performance of her music “Paparazzi” and the complete attention of an active viewers of superstars and inter­national viewers. The performance, described variously as ‘raunchy’ and ‘gruesome’, culminated in a concept clinging, and her climb to a radiant light as she was drawn to paradise moving on the end of a noose, with bogus blood vessels leaking down her tummy and over her signature latex under garments. Fans liked it, almost everyone else was scandalised and revolted – not least the nuns at New York’s Convent of the Sacred Heart who had tried to inform Crazy (then known more convent­ionally as Steffani Germanotta) and set her on a direction of serious Catholic­ism before she started her creative profession.

But anyone over 30 is aware of that outraging the wrinkl­ies, and especially someone’s former instructors, is not actually the most unique creative declaration. Crazy is weird, but are her manoeuvres any weirder than the ultra-violence and make-up games of punks and new romant­ics, or the avowed Satanism of steel bands?

Perhaps a more informing critique is that Crazy is simply a plagiarist, most obviously credit much of her look from established icy electro-pop queen Roisin Murphy, garnished with resources to other well-known style stylings. She changes the eccentricity ‘up to 11’ for effect, but her significant skills is self-promot­ion and press adjustment, rather than occult self-immolation.

As always with fringe movement theor­ies, deficiency of evidence creates it difficult to negotiate on a company presentation. But for dedicated way of life viewers, Gaga’s character is not so much occult as teenage – attention-seeking, gaudily sex-related, and dedicated to shock and awe – creating her no different from almost every other headlining well-known pop act from the last 50 percent several years.

Her activities are adult-themed pantomime and vaudeville night club – more Impact and Judy than mind-controlled pædophilia. She’s certainly a aspect design, but only in the Loving feeling that artists are popular, motivated and compensated for splitting guidelines, and for being odd. If she encourages bizarreness, it’s of a very restricted and self-conscious type, dedicated to and delimited by clothing, young boys, ladies, make-up, components, and an entirely well-known self-abusive fear.

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