Know what they longing for
Know what they longing for
And I’ve got it, I’ve got it
We’ve got it, yeah.

Young General a talk, tell anyone at all
Them never coulda want take a part inna harm me
Man a war inna Menelik army
See it, them a move with the message of Garvey
Can’t listen who dem elect, hardly
Dem a play fi dem part in a party
Hear say Audley start drive Audi
Beg you pardon, a Bimma me sorry
Lead who them lost we nuh follow them
Organize and form inna one again
Twelve Tribes, you nuh see we with the banner dem
Bobo Hill a talk, walk far, do nuh bother them
Ithiopia, the Ark of the Covenant
Queen Makeda, the start of the sovereign
Selassie I order we governing
We nuh inna none a dem tings, so I say
Ites I a gwaan hold
A love we living in
I&I a pass through
Greetings I bring again

Ites I a gwaan hold
When I&I a pass through
Said I took a break and I loved the break,
Now I’m off the brake, looking to make a break
At a greater stake and the flow sweet like grater cake
Sharper than a grater make
And then I take a date and a make a mate
At a greater pace, naa use razor blade
And grate my face, dem ‘fraid a me
Lyrics a penetrate
Nuh hesitate fi make tune generate
That will devastate you, Don say it devastating
With more thoughts than them ever stating
Keep them waiting like thugs in a state bing
Jail or prison system, same thing
Flee the scene with thoughts of escaping
My mind did need fi get right
Clarity wha’ we need fi get, so
Know what they longing for
Know what they longing for
Know what they longing for
And we’ve got it, we’ve got it
We’ve got it, yeah, yeah.
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