Mr Vegas Vents About This Year’s Sumfest Festival

Outspoken dancehall artiste Mr Vegas joined other persons who are
complaining about the line-up of the recently concluded Reggae Sumfest.

According to Mr Vegas, via his Facebook account, the line-up could have been stronger if the acts were meticulously selected.

In a relatively long post, the singjay expressed that it would
have been better if Chronixx was booked for Dancehall Night on Thursday
instead of one of the International nights.

Mr Vegas, based on his post, apparently believes performing in
front of a hardcore dancehall crowd would have helped to prepare
Chronixx for the world.

“Nah knock Chronixx hustle, but Dancehall Night would have been a
good fit for him to make his mark. When the core Jamaican people give
you the stamp of approval, the rest of the world is yours,” one of the
posts coming from Mr Vegas’ account said.

The artiste also commented on the decision by the organisers to
make I Octane the closing act. He believes that move was a bad decision.
The Heads High singer also listed Maxi Priest, Sanchez, Coco Tea, as some of the acts he believes should perform on the same night.

According to the artiste, if new acts are not being introduced
into the music industry, then stage-show organisers should consider
mixing veterans with the current crop of local acts in an effort to add

“If nuh body new nah buss, use what we have and mix it up, just
like when you nuh have no new clothes, you mix up the old one dem and
mek it look fresh,” he posted.

Mavado’s manager Julian Jones Griffith had last week complained
that Mavado was surprisingly left out of the line-up after he and the
organisers of the reggae festival were already undergoing discussions.
He also questioned why Queen Ifrica was also absent from the line-up.

Reggae artiste Chuck Fenda was also disgruntled with the final
line-up, of which he was not a part. According to the artiste, stronger
selections could have been made.

“Di people dem a sey nuh fire man nuh deh pon the show this year.
If yu notice all di man dem wey blaze the fire get axe, but a guess a
just one of those things. Mi nuh know the vision wey the organisers dem
did have this year, but I hope next year dem get it right. Because wi
want the music to be represented the right way,” Chuck Fenda said.

Sumfest’s Robert Russell yesterday,
he said that the line-up was good and aside from his opinion, patrons
had called in to say they enjoyed the performances.

“I think we made the right choices. If we had a big mega star it
would have made a big difference but Mariah Carey and Bruno Mars were
unavailable,” he said.

exceptionally well

Russell further said that I Octane did exceptionally well in
closing on Dancehall night and was able to hold the audience in the wee
hours of the morning. He also credited fresh act Nature for his
performance and backed Sumfest’s decision to book Chronixx for
International night.

“We believe Chronixx is transcending into the international
realm, not only in dancehall but reggae and people are going to hear a
lot more about Chronixx in the future,” he said.

Despite some artistes not being able to share in this year’s
festivities, Sumfest did have several high moments courtesy of strong
performances from Bounty Killer, Lady Saw, Barrington Levy, Assassin,
Popcaan, Tommy Lee Sparta, I Octane, Aidonia, Jah Cure, Damian Marley
and some othe

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