Macka Diamond Fire Back At Lady Saw, “She Badmind Me”

Macka Diamond is hitting back at Lady Saw.
The two dancehall divas have been beefing since last year and is nowhere near making peace.
Earlier this week Lady Saw took to Twitter to chastised Macka Diamond over some leaked explicit photos.
According to Lady Saw, Macka Diamond is desperate for attention. Now
Macka is saying Lady Saw envy her for her new hit single “Dye Dye.”
This is what Macka Diamond said in a statement:

“I care zero about what Lady Saw wants to say. Lady Saw
is just mad because Dye Dye and Twist Me ah beat her bad. Dye Dye is on
every major chart in dancehall, and that is what is bothering her, any
dance she go, any radio she turn on, it inna her face, and she caan
happy for anyone else. She is an unhappy person, but mi nah focus pon no
locust. Mi ah go keep writing songs and recording hard, and keep de
fans dem happy. Mi nah go mek she bridge my energy.”

“When she hot wid Heels On, mi never hate, in fact, ah she inspire mi
fi go harder and mi find Dye Dye and mi ah get my run now, so why all
of a sudden she turn ‘music police’? Mi mentally tougher now so dem caan
stop, and mi is an adult, what I want to do is my prerogative, she fi
go fix her life before she can try meddle inna other people business.
Lady Saw fi remember that God read Twitter, all the nasty things she is
saying about other people, Him know everything. She ah struggle wid
something bigger than me, and mi caan help her wid it, she need fi say
she ah seek God and seek him, because ah only God can give her the true
peace because right now, she too damn tormented!!!!”

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