Lady Saw Says “I Don’t Need A Man I Make Love To Myself”

Irina Mossi “Just for One Night“

The dancehall reigning queen recently split with her longtime boyfriend John John after he allegedly impregnate several women.
Lady Saw, born Marion Hall, has dated John John for almost two
decades. But the couple has been rocked with several infidelity scandals
over the last couple years.
This time it appears Lady Saw is making good on her promise to end the relationship.
In true Lady Saw form, she took to Twitter last week to let her fans know she regularly make love to herself.
This is what Lady Saw said.

“No one can ever love me like me.”

“Don’t ever be afraid to love yourself u will never get your heart
broken N u most def won’t need to worry when u see the gynecologist.”

“The safest sex is sexing yourself no doubt about that.”

“In spite of my situation i just shaved myself bath myself lotion
myself all by myself so who needs a man when i have a middle finger.’

“I just look at myself and cum wow it’s gonna be a good day for a long drive.”

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