Kartel’s Murder Case To Be Thrown Out

Yesterday, Supreme Court judge Bryan Skyes turned down the
application to accept two witnesses’ statements at the artiste’s murder
trial for businessman Barrington ‘Bossy’ Burton, stating that he was not
convinced that the prosecution took enough steps to locate the

Dancehall producer Elvis Redwood told Source that this outcome came as no surprise to him as it was expected.

“Everybody is watching, this was expected, that the case was
gonna get thrown out, I’m hoping the next case in November will share
the same fate,” he said.

He also stated that once Kartel is released they would be
continuing with his musical career as the artiste is still relevant in
the dancehall.

“When he comes out, we’ll be doing more of the same, he’s been
maintaining a presence in the dancehall, and we will be amplifying it
when he comes out of court.” 
An elated Calvin ‘Moonie’ Haye, Kartel’s fashion designer and former booking agent, told Source that he was happy for this outcome. 
“I feel great, free Worl’ Boss!! It’s about time; the man needs
to go home to his family! We jus know seh the next one fi done now suh
him can put everything behind him.” 
The 12-member jury involved in the artiste’s trial is scheduled
to return to court today, at which time the prosecution is expected to
offer no further evidence; the judge would then direct the jury to
return a formal verdict of not guilty. 
Vybz Kartel, however, will remain in custody, as he has another murder case pending against him. 
Kartel was charged along with co-accused Nigel Thompson and
Lenburt McDonald for the July, 2011 murder of St Catherine businessman
Barrington ‘Bossy’ Burton.
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