JAHSENYE Biography

Vernon Babel A.K.A Jahsenye, the meaning of his artist name is spiritually means Jah send I. At the age of 15 Jahsenye discovered he can write is own lyrics and over the he developed himself into a respectable Surinamese reggae artist
Jahsenye is a very humble man who knows how to listen very well to his inner self and how to use the power of words to reach people inspiring them to seek for God.In his music he very often shares his hardship while allowing himself to be encouraged by his surroundings and everyday life.
With his music he would like to deliver the rasta movement in a respectable manner, that is why he focuses on folks music.,music which has to do with were he stands in life and were he is going in life.As a entertainer he strives to bring Surinam out in a respectful way.He also states that he would like to bring his music out in a different way then the current music that already exist.
Jahsenye stands for his energetic shows and the strength of his deliverance in each and every subject, which penetrates deep in his music. Currently he can be called one of the best Surinamese reggae artist and is certainly not a so called artist.
Jahsenye is a man who knows the hardship of street life and with his artistic ways and talent he calls his people on the Wright path.
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